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Maeve Jan 2015
Never has it been so easy
To say I love you.
To mean it, truly mean it.
It's almost enough to make me believe in Heaven,
The feeling of your body wrapped around mine
Or your lips on my neck.
You've given me courage to try new things
But also to refuse to abide by rules which I do not approve of.
You've become the only one who has ever made me feel safe,
Or made me laugh that hard.
I'd say this is a tacky poem
But you'd just mock me in a voice that sounds nothing like me, by the way.
Someday we'll have all the things we've wished for.
But honestly,
I already have everything I want here with you.
i love you
Maeve Nov 2014
And the world is too loud
I'm struggling to hear my own thoughts now
Maybe it's not the first time in my life I've wanted a drink to down
Or a blunt and join the crowd
But that's not helpful to me
Though sometimes it feels as if blurry vision would help me see
And you ******* in my ear isn't exactly the way I want it to be
But I guess that's how things go
When I'm happy I want the world to know
And when my mind returns to its discheveled state I'd rather not have it show
We're all desperate for the love but every time it comes I forget how to say a word other than no
Maeve Oct 2014
Baby you're a cliché
In every shape and form.
Stealing and lying
Living so close to the edge you're about to fall off

I know I said I love the danger
Much like I love you
But there comes a time where it becomes more of a suicide
Than a seeking for adrenaline

I don't want to believe you've sought out your own ruin
They all tell me it ends here for you
But you still have time.
You still have time.

Become that beautiful boy
The one I know your biggest influence would've wanted you to be
The one you're truly meant to be
We're losing you, love.

You've given up on the rest
Maybe all the blame put on you before his departure
Was what made you start taking on the actual crimes
But I can't stand to see you behind those cruel taunting bars

I can still see that innocent, sad boy in you
The pure, loving one you've told me I bring out
I'll kiss it all better, every second of every day
Until I can get that boy back

I know you're not okay
But neither are we
So let me fix you
Or at least let me try
  Aug 2014 Maeve
Alex McDaniel
There's is a rusty orange clad brick building
perched upon a mossy green hill
everyday day we sit in the same seats
and look out the same glass that locks us in
and gaze down upon the hill
searching for something more out of this life
something that fits our desires,
something we will never know.
Because they say the more we are sedentary,
the more our intelligence will grow.
Surely they have it all figured out all wrong
what they have created is  
a cold hearted machine.
A machine of memorization,
A machine of 'the right way'
the 'only way'
of 'yes please's'
and never of 'no's.'
They say if one morning we decided to turn around
and never look back we would drop dead.
But what happens when my house forecloses,
because no one taught me how to handle money?
What happens when I turn to pills to keep me alive
because no one told me the basic skills of survival?
What happens when I am out on the street,
frigid and alone,
with a cardboard box and a bottle of liquor as my only two friends?
Will algebra help me?
What about Chemistry?
Will those pain staking hours of note taking
help me pick up the pieces of my life?
Surely then I will be dead.
Along with my intelligence
and my creativity.
Six feet under
that mossy green hill.
Maeve Jul 2014
When tears fall from my eyes,
It is my whole body and heart that cries
Maeve Jul 2014
Sometimes I wish for someone to tell me that I'm okay
Or at least that I would be,
On a different day.

Because some days, I feel like I identify too much
With a shriveling flower
Too late to be saved, too bent and crushed

But nobody wants to tell me that
Maybe they don't care. I don't blame them.
I don't deserve to be saved. But that doesn't change the facts.

Maybe the reason most depressed people
Become killers of the monster that has now become themselves
Is because it already feels like death; dying.
Like holding onto the edge of a cliff that you know you're going to fall off of.
But there's your family, your friends, all the people you love, begging you not to let go.
Even though you know. You know
Eventually you'll slip, and they'll hate you for it.

Don't let me slip.
Don't stand there and beg, hold onto me.
idk i might delete this dont look at me
Maeve Jul 2014
Travel he must
And travel he will
But never without the public expectation
That he was there to ****.

He took to the sky
With his dulled chocolate skin
Ah, the perfect scapegoat
The man in the turban

Typical and expected,
There is a bomb on this flight.
But not so expected, yet so typical,
The man who placed it here is white

With guilt and regret,
He watches the passengers go up in flames
Though he is glad that his country
will be given a different person to blame

A terrorist
When will they leave us alone?

I'm just curious
Does anyone even remember what country we've been told they're from?

That brown man did not bomb that plane
He did not come here with intentions to destroy
He is not the monster you are, and on this man your corruption is displayed.
Age twenty, to be exact. He was only just a ******* boy.

And you killed him, along with 149 others.
You then proceeded to tell more than 315 million people that it was a suicide bomb, a terrorist attack, all credits given to the Israeli.
If you wanted to talk about a terrorist, you should've written an autobiography.

It is a nail that has been so drilled into your very being, it has ripped through the other side.
You are a robot, a political Frankenstein. None of these parts are yours, each brain cell has been donated by a false newscast or presidential speech.
"A foreign terrorist" - wait.
Perhaps the "foreign" isn't needed. Every mere speck of dust from the Eastern part of the world is considered a terrorist.
In fact, is anywhere even really part of the world if it is not in America?
"A terrorist has bombed our plane,"
they tell you.
Racial slurs are heard in every living room, coffee shop, and office.
Thank you for giving us another reason to hate any country besides our own.
Thank you for killing their families, and letting his family grieve not only for his death but also for the fact that the world hates the man he was not, for a lifestyle he did not live.

*Do you love our country now?
one of our government members bombed  a plane and blamed it on an israeli to increase nationalism. idk if any of it makes sense
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