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 Aug 2019 Madeysin
 Aug 2019 Madeysin
fiberglass on lips
ice cube on your ****
liquor in the moment
just remember to forget
 Jul 2019 Madeysin
 Jul 2019 Madeysin
something spanish stutters on our most sentimental silence
A road ribbed on both sides with violence
Finds its place inside its high tide and watching suns set
Like guns sent where nuns went
The feet in shoes on boards on wheels
The street in blues encore on orange peels
 Jul 2019 Madeysin
i’m scared of the future
****** stares through sutures
pirates who don’t understand who you were
Before the scooters with less wheels
Soon we’re dying to try and live
Slippery thighs with lies within
Skinny kids slithering in to the house slytherin
My kids will begin to wither when
Their eyes see the skin their in
You’re working for a scholarship
sent. fist through mirror.
 Jul 2019 Madeysin
 Jul 2019 Madeysin
i’ve tried to list
the simple things
to make a list
their uniforms are sick
discarded lipstick
minus six inside of splints
for weak wrists
must be seeking ****
the G split with lighting
strict rules I drooled
on every pillow
zip lipped keeping secrets
this is
butterfly kisses
i think i need an evaluation but I probably never will.
 Mar 2019 Madeysin
Make me choke on those words
All I thought of was a mask
Despite the fact that
Even the wind was at my back

You thought that I forgot
Since the day I walked away
In the cold incessant autumn
Nothing left to pull my brain
     In the right direction
     If you miss it you’re not paying attention
I missed you (if you know you know)
 Mar 2019 Madeysin
Well, I know
I thought about cold toes on linoleum
Insincere notes on a podium
Loving them after you scolded them
Sent to bed but still on wooden steps
Telling stories of policies left unsaid
The qualities of bread
 Mar 2019 Madeysin
Diaphragm stretched
Still nothing I could say
Enraged, I threw the bottom shelves out
To make the hiccups go away
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