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Madeysin Jan 21
When you laughed you took all the air from out of our lungs & for the first time I was glad to see you selfish.
Madeysin Jan 10
The deepest intake
The shallowest chest cavity
Held nothing for me
Madeysin Nov 2020
I glued my legs together with black berry jam
The sweetest spread
Madeysin Nov 2020
Did you become an alcoholic because of a girl or because of the world?
Whatever your answer is, same.
Madeysin Oct 2020
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
The breeze blew my legs ajar
The wind whistled and tickled me all the way to my core
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
Mother Nature called me a *****
Madeysin Sep 2020
Pull at the seams
Knot up your dreams
Pack away the magazines

Your skin a thin sheen, stretched and smacked against your thighs

Your frame a sagging conundrum to be condemned by the click

Weight loss is a huge trick
The more you lose the less you, you are
Madeysin Aug 2020
I stepped off & I stepped out
The curtain closed & I with it
Swept up into the rafters to rest
A melodramatic sarcophagus
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