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They all look at me and believe I'm innocent
Yes, I don't do drugs or drink
Yes, I don't smoke cigarettes

I'm tired of feeling like a teachers pet
I'm tired of feeling like a goody too-shoos
I'm tired of feeling like a plain Jane

I'm not perfect
I'm not innocent
I'm not a ******

I crave him constantly
I want him more than anything
I crave being touched
I want to be kissed

I'm not the christian girl I used to be
I don't believe in "God"

I want to be perceived differently
I want to be seen for who I am
I want to be seen as an adult

I'm no child
I'm a women and a strong one at that
Just ranting
Some call them *******.
Smart girls will call them weapons...
...of mass seduction.
© Bitsy Sanders, April 2014
 Apr 2014 Madeline Bowker
I saw you in the darkness
a silhouette
caused by the light of the moon

I saw you in my imagination
just staring at me
I, just stared at you

I saw you before closed eyes
a clear vision
beautiful, but gone too soon

I saw you in a dream
and wondered,
Did you see me too?
 Mar 2014 Madeline Bowker
Shadowed hearts
Dancing on a broken flame
Where they are going
They shall remain

Fractured souls
Ignoring the burning urge
To become whole
Into darkness, they surge

Candle light
Illuminating the shelter
Of those alone
With lives so helter-sketler

Drifting comrades
Ignored calls in the dead of night
Lost in thoughts
They've backed down from the fight

Holy water
Poured out by a pastor
Forsaken love
From thy father

Abandoned faith
Drenched in the guilt of blood
Confusion sets in
Guidelines as clear as mud
I am still working on this but I would love some feedback and suggestions. Tell me what you think so far and what I could do to improve please.
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