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Ellen Stewert Jul 2014
School is fake
school is a trick to make us believe
make you believe that you're going to
make a difference
make a life for yourself
but you won't
you'll work 2/3 of your life
and 1/3 will be spent with your family
which is funny because family and friends
are supposed to be the only thing that matters
Ellen Stewert Jul 2014
You're gone again.
....... I breathe in and it feels like
I have too much room in my chest
Ellen Stewert Jun 2014
I am going to snap
break her back

I swear if she talks in that tone
I will sucker punch that ***** in the gut

She's mean without reason
she's a **** without a purpose

but I pity her
she has no personality
and a nasally voice

It shocking her 8 year relationship finally became
a marriage engagement

I hope he leaves her at the altar
Ellen Stewert Jun 2014
I pretended I wasn't upset
I acted happy and okay
but I was angry

we ****** and I left

I didn't understand

I don't mind casual *** with my boyfriend but he usually romances me a little before....
Ellen Stewert Jun 2014
what am I doing
Am I just wasting away
day by day
I don't know what today is
I haven't slept

but it's summer
I should be great
I couldn't tell you
what I've eating or done
I can't remember
The days roll together now

And so the adult life begins and maybe
I'll pay my bills
Ellen Stewert Jun 2014
she's tired
I saw here cry today
she cried on the phone over nothing

she's exhausted
her skin is pale
her face is gaunt

she's wilting
the makeup dripped down her face
tears pulling the fragments of black goop mascara down her face
Ellen Stewert Jun 2014
the time you're away
I feel is wasted time
time I could be smiling with you
kissing you
laughing with you
the time we're apart doesn't exist
I pretend we're never apart

but without you I ache
with loneliness
with boredom
with lust

my joints and bones rely on you,
to feel ok
to feel healed and calm
I need you so soothe the daily stress,
that sleeps in my tensed muscles

cure my aches and pains
and hold me tonight
hold me in your arms
and gently drape my hair against my pale neck
whisper those sweet nothings I like

I beg you to come home my darling
for you and I don't exist without one another
where are you my love
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