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Mar 2014 · 472
And Then Some
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
I love you
Forever and ever?
And then some
Until the end of time and space?
And then some
Until the end of existence?
And then some
Until infinity?
And then some
Until Infinity times infinity?
And then some.
Will you love me tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that?
Yes, and then some.
Mar 2014 · 979
Emotionally Unprepared
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
I never knew I could feel this way.
So strongly.
I never thought I could anyway.
You should me how emotionally
unprepared I was when you came into my life.
You scooped me up
I fell in love.
I don't think I can ever fall out.
Mar 2014 · 736
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
You're so fragile.
You're so easily broken.
You're so far away from here.
Right now.
You're careful.
You try not to let anyone in.
You've built walls high enough to reach Heaven.
Yet, You've been through Hell.
Careful, don't let anyone close.
Careful, don't let them in.
Careful, can't fall that hard again.
Careful, try not to break down.

I'll be careful with you.
I promise.
I can't*
You can.
No. Not again.
Let me in, I'll be careful with your heart.
I'm not like the rest; you can trust me, I swear.
Can I?
Yes! I love you.
I don't know if it's possible for me to feel that way again.
Let me help you, I'll be careful.
*I know.
She let down her walls and he kept his promise.
He was careful with her heart and helped her to love again.
They live happily with two kids in a quaint little home in the woods.
Happy and Carefree.
Mar 2014 · 397
Sweet Innocence
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
My childhood was a happy one mostly.
It was filled with childish games and toys and friends.
I was a happy kid. Mostly.
My parents yelled at each other a lot.
They'd scream at each other until their faces were bright red.
I was four or five the first time I tried to make them stop.
They picked me up and hugged me tight and set me in another room.
The fighting continued with me out of sight, but still in earshot.
I was in second grade when my parents got divorced.
I was so naïve to think my pieced-together family would hold.
I was innocent until then.
Then I had to grow up real fast.
I had issues at first; unpopularity at school, self-conscious of myself, and had acceptance issues.
I was fourteen when I lost it.
I spun downhill pretty fast after that.
When I was sixteen I had slept with eight different guys and a few girls.
My innocence was lost long before I could even pronounce the word.
My sweet innocence so far gone I can't  even remember having it.
How far away that point in my life feels now....
Mar 2014 · 831
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
I have the fear of being disconnected from the outside world. It haunts me and makes me anxious. I'm addicted to being connected. My connection is my life source. I feed on it and gain energy from it. It is my means of communication that are in peril and I'm more anxious than I have ever been. I can't not talk to him whilst away from him. I can't not text him 'I love you.' Before I go to sleep or just to remind him. I need to be connected
I need to be.
Mar 2014 · 340
Perfect Lottle Romance
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
I love him a lottle
It's like a little, but a lot.
He's my reason for living and
My reason for continuing to as well.
His effortless perfection astounds me.
It haunts my mind at all hours.
My mind is filled with him.
Just him.
He is my perfect lottle romance.
And it's going to last forever.
Mar 2014 · 351
Madeline Bowker Mar 2014
Hearing his name makes me smile.
Seeing his smile makes my body quake.
His voice makes my bones shake.
His eyes go on for miles.
His arms wrapped around me,
I'm safe from harm.
His touch is so loving and warm.
Our love is as strong as any ocean or sea.
Our future is bright and I'm looking forward to it.
I love you Henry.

— The End —