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Jul 2015
"Because cowboys and snakes are my kin"*

Because I feel volcanoes in my skin
Because I've sinned
Because I want to get in
Because I've already grown...

Nature replicates in sets of eight
Deviating ends of the weak and the great
Chemical stew makes memory fail
Chemical brew makes brain inhale
Do the push, take the plunge
Absorb the agony like a sponge
Can't map the contradictions
(Is there truth in fiction?)
Give up the blood and give up the ghost
Reaching out to them that hate you most
Couldn't even reach level two
Divy up the army between red and blue

Pieces slowly fitting
But puzzle never solved
Reaching out to nothing
Only one resolve
Listened to a hero's song
'Bout a thousand times
But wisdom never sank in
Too much focus on the rhyme
(Prayed for the night, for the very first time
But night never came
And the rain falls on everyone but me
Cause nature's got a few tricks up her sleeve)

Imperfect circles, always imperfect circles
(Autumn angel gets their wings)
Lucy Tonic
Written by
Lucy Tonic
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