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 Mar 2012 Little Wing
Bible Belt
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
Cars drive by outside the window
Lying on the bed smoking cigarettes
Watching the moon come in through the curtains

Heavy hearted
I pass the trailer parks
Shattered windows
Rusted cars
There's a baseball field overgrown
Two miles down
But these mountains surround me
Blankets of fog lay on the hillsides
Rain taps on the roof

I'm a small town kid
And I can smell the tweekers and the ****** down on main drag
smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee outside McDonalds
No one trusts a new face asking around for pills
But the girl walks over to the window
Her black hair is prettier than yours
A ***** t-shirt three times too big
And a big smile

Maybe I just need someone
Who can show me the mountains
Someone who can name the rivers that run through town
Take me to where the Indian villages were
To the face of a cliff covered in graffiti
Take me to where the ***** drunk red neck boys like me
**** pretty quiet girls like you

She showed me where the river flooded
And tore her house from its foundation
She took me to the cold plateau
Of some mountain in west Virginia
far away from mainstreet where
a single stoplight flickers green yellow red
I think Im in love as you point your long white finger at the stars
As you speak in quiet southern drawl
About indians and fireworks in July
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
And when that fire in your eyes burns out
I will try my hardest not to breathe in the smoke.
And even though without that flame
Your flesh will rot, morphing colours from pink to black
I will love you all the same.
Ideas to add on to it?
I weep ink
in missing you,
my page lays stained
with fluid blue.

I log on
your face appears,
but your not here
to see my tears.

I reach out
and touch your face,
my fingers soft
your image trace.

Kisses blown
you cannot taste,
through coloured glass
just go to waste.

Time alone
stroking the screen,
whispering soft
how much you mean.

I feel sad
that your not there,
to understand
how much I care.

**** the time
and miles apart,
please just log in
and heal my heart.

So until
tomorrow dear,
I stroke the glass
and dream you're here.
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
self-righteous souls
saved from the
everyday run
of the world
skulking throughout
the shadows
cast by the
most holy
grasping at
the lost the
unknowing and
the ******
who don't accept
their beliefs as
irrefutable excuses
to be pretentious  
oh how far you will fall when brought                                               low from your exalted pedestal
down on your knees, covered                                                   in the wretched filth of the masses
that you had gazed down upon                                                       in all you hypocritical glory
everyone looks the same when                                                      your eyes have been gouged out
you bleed the same as everyone                                                  when your too-godly heart is removed
you liar, you snake,
you backstabbing ****,
hidden behind
accepting smiles
go forth and
be righteous!
go forth and
beat down the weak!
go forth and fill
the world with
your treacherous,
blasphemous rage!
pray for the
strength to fell
the wicked
pray to keep
a closed mind
and to be
in your silent
hate, mistrust, and
suspicion of all those
different from you
pray to keep your teeth sharp
to devour those deemed less holy than thou
and go to a fitful, dreamless sleep at night
confident in the knowledge that you are *saved
so i wrote this at church today, sitting there and looking around at all the *holy* people and feeling utterly disillusioned with all the backstabbing and false smiles, all the self-righteous feelings of superiority, and i remembered why i stopped going
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
J Marzini
you may have always loved me more
but you broke me down
you stripped me of my strength
you towered over me as you threw down your words

you laid your hands before your lips
you placed your tears before mine
your guilt never exceeded your pride
until i begged to say good-bye

your anger and your self inflicting hurt
will forever stain the beauty of the love i know you had for me
and the jealous and pity over powered my heart
and ran my love away
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