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 Mar 2012 Little Wing
Kayla Lynn
Call me Queen Midas
Because everything I touch
Turns to ****
Which explains a lot
I suppose

I hate this town
I hate my headaches
I hate my heartaches
I hate...
******* everything aches.

I never thought I could hate
And then you happened.
And now I hate it all
Every breath, every grain,
Every molecule
Of you

But I don't really hate you
I just hate what you did
What you said
In actuality
I love you
I always have
And I hate that the most
It's a ****** up circle -
An ironic epiphany

You swore you couldn't live without me
Well, last I ******* checked
You were still breathing
And I was still gone
Maybe The Walking Dead
Is more than just a show
You watch
To eat up your time
And numb the hole in your heart
Where my name was once

You promised me the moon
But I didn't want the ******* moon
I just wanted you
To be around

I just wanted you
To not text her
When you thought of me

I just wanted you
To grow the **** up and
I don't know
Maybe buy me roses or some lame **** like that

I just wanted you.
All of you
But you wanted
Nothing to do with me
And I would have given you the ******* world
But you didn't want the world

You wanted her.
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
bethany boy
Dreams are something we know if you remember them they stick.
They stick to you like a sent would in your nose for a while one that’s not all that enjoyable or pleasant.
Similar to nail polish remover or bleach.
its powerful and lingers there leaving its stain on you for a while eventually to wear off.

What we see in our sleep is eventually brought back to us.
There are some things trigger it during the day,
words someone around you might say or an action,
someone your noticing but not really seeing does.

I make sense to myself;
although you might now start understand the way I portray the stuff that goes through my mind.
Give it a chance though usually most things are amusing;
others are extremely degrading or make me feel fragile and delicate.
Either way though.

I’m me, Your you, Were different.
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
Don't **** with the one
Who has taught you all you know

Whispers of doubt
Of denial
Of assassination
Drift through the pack

I don't joke, dog
I dont play
I'll grab you by the throat
With my fangs
And I will never let go

I just want you to feel
Your throat fill with blood
White hot fangs  

The more **** you talk
The more the lust grows
Fullmoons fill me with joy
One more week until you return
One more day until you return
The night is come
A yellow harvest moon is risen over the fields
Snowflakes begin falling
Oh how your blood will look
Beneath the moon
Soaking warm on the silver snow
This was inspired by watching a National Geographic about wolves and then immediately an old samurai movie in which the combatants fight in the snow...js
 Mar 2012 Little Wing
bethany boy
How ironic;
they say the same thing you say about them backstabber.
One day it will all turn around and kick you in the shins.

Shake your world so much,
youll wish you were...  dead
so you could be still for once.

hope you;
Have fun with that.
my heads about to explode
should i **** the gun and unload
oh its to late now
im stuck wondering how

why did you do this to me
it was you i wanted couldn't you see
but now it will never be
just wait you'll read about me
the look on your face now i will never see

so i look back and remissness
will i be the one to really miss
i think who am i leaving behind
friends family ya there on my mind
its crazy the things people do
oh wait i got a texts that's coming threw

it reads "it was all just a joke my bad"
now i think well i bet your glad
im passing the 12th floor with a frown
as im looking over the town
quicker and quicker i start to loses my breath
**** now im sentenced to death

all i could do is scream and shout
i just wish i could get out
counting the floors 7, 6, 5, 4
**** just 3 more
i wish i could restart this whole day
and just listen to what you all had to say

— The End —