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please don’t die please i need you i love you i haven’t met you yet we haven’t met yet we haven’t walked under the cherry blossoms together yet we haven’t hugged yet you haven’t seen me yet

i ******* promise you that you’re doing so well you’re doing great you’re improving. getting better i love you i love you i love you
mysti. or should i call you danity?
i want you against me

i want to see you

touch you

kiss you

i just wanna have you fo a day or two
about the fights

the arguments

the ignoring

the sleepovers

the playdates

the parties

the birthdays

the everything

no ones perfect and i don’t expect you to be,

i wish you would talk to me more,

hug me more,

look at me more,

is this a sign of “hey,, i love you?”

god i don’t know anymore

i’ve broken my heart so many times

you’re all that’s on my mind

god i wish i could see you one more time

but youre hers.

and she’s yours.

she’s mine.

i’m not sure if i’m hers.

feelings are dumb

feelings are stupid

i really do think i love you

but as you said

“i think it was platonic”

“i think i lost feelings”

i don’t blame you after all

it was 3 years ago

i just wish i had you all those years

i wish you were my girlfriend?

maybe it’s the loneliness.

maybe it’s the mood swings.

maybe i don’t want anyone right now.

i honestly don’t know.

but believe me when i say,

i love you

i’m sorry
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