Pick a card
Any card
I miss you
You never left
But you changed
You don't speak to me
Not like you used to anyway
I can't talk to you
You've shut yourself out
It hurts
Seeing you hurt
Seeing you broken
And I broke you
Lee Keys Jan 8
Take it off
That idiotic disguise of false-courage
You cascade over your striking face
I want to know you
The real you
Not the character you perform
In the production of uncertainty
I know it's not you
I can see it in the piercings of your mask
The eyes
They're exposed
Telling a silent story
Lee Keys Jan 7
She dragged a pencil
On what once was a mighty tree
Hoping her bottled emotions would burst
Into a beautiful image
But it's hard to sketch a picture
When only words can convey the idea
Lee Keys Jan 7
A man manipulated
By his mind
Builds a fortress of solitude
To keep his self doubt
He seeks the comfort
Of a farmiliar demon
Ignoring the afflictive
Advice of an angel

— The End —