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Jan 17 · 71
Mushroom Girl
Lee Keys Jan 17
I say no more
Second chances
But we both know
The second you
Truly want me
I'm already your's
Jan 9 · 29
Nine Months
Lee Keys Jan 9
I will not live my life
Settling for conditional freedom
While you mock
My desired independence
For it was you
Not long ago
Who said we shalln't be governed
By those we differ with
But now that I argue
Fighting the law
With a bitten tongue
Suddenly it's not wrong
To be the governor
When it's convenient to govern
Jan 9 · 82
Lee Keys Jan 9
I seal my fate
In Signature
Hoping the Devil
Is a lawful man
Aug 2019 · 80
Lee Keys Aug 2019
Don't ignore yesterday's problems
For peace of mind today
Because tomorrow
Will be ten fold of
Two Days ago
Jul 2019 · 46
You're Out
Lee Keys Jul 2019
We started off so clueless
Acting so foolish
You spoke a promise
Surprisingly unfulfilled two nights later
"I'll see you Friday, right?"
"Of course"
The mirror's so gullible
Three hours of refilled free bread
And dry cups of water later
I leave
Evidently I'm a second option
You should've taken the latter

Strike One

You knew it was a mistake
Sending DMs every few weeks
Desperate for them to be clicked
A year for every lonely hour I wasted
In that air conditioned restaurant passes
And I open your latest cry for attention  
Several vague apologies later
And I swallow my bitter grudge
Like a bowling ball
To agree to another date
This time you showed up
It felt good
Experiencing what could've been the last time
But the old saying goes
"You never know if you want it until you have it"
Apparently you didn't want me
You took me for granted the second you got me back
And your new crush looked quenching
And your tongue was like a forgotten house plant  
But you don't want my water
So you chose them
Leaving me with the silver medal

Strike Two

This isn't baseball
You don't get a third
You're out
Jun 2019 · 329
Lee Keys Jun 2019
You're the Devil
On my Shoulder
And I'm trying my hardest
Not to listen to you
Apr 2019 · 74
Friends in Passing
Lee Keys Apr 2019
Mutually ignored
Am I destined
To avoid eye contact
And occasionally
Strike up hopeful small talk
Just for you to continue
Barely missing the chance
For connection between
Two unfitting strangers
Mar 2019 · 257
Lee Keys Mar 2019
Only known to me
Was your name
A few simple letters
Slapped together
Giving me an expectation
Of who you were supposed to be
I scratch through
Your surface level personality
Layer by layer
Asking questions you've never heard
Hearing answers that surprise me
We left the conversation
A little more than strangers
Mar 2019 · 289
A God of Sorts
Lee Keys Mar 2019
"Forgive me father,
For I have sinned"
I speak not of your god
But a being who believes he is
I must answer to he
Or I shall be punished
Forgiveness is not what I seek, per se
Freedom from his judgement
Is my craving
Feb 2019 · 199
Lee Keys Feb 2019
So it began
As a caterpillar
So neglectable    
Ignoring it
Seemed the best
But wiggling around in my stomach,
I could still feel it
Like an uninvited parasite
"Ignore it, it'll go away..."
I promised myself
And so it did
I didn't feel like throwing up for weeks
Then suddenly my insides fluttered  
Now known to me,
The worm-like sensation
That was supposedly dormant
Only subsided due to
A cocoon  
Now there's a butterfly in me
And I guess it's for you
Feb 2019 · 83
Four Letter Word
Lee Keys Feb 2019
You spoke it to me
Like it was your last
Then sadness packed your chest
When you realized
I didn't know the meaning
I still don't know the expression
Not out of ignorance
But lack of experience
Jan 2019 · 324
You're Ignorant, Sir
Lee Keys Jan 2019
What do you mean?
When you say he won't be a man
For the simple act
Of seeing me
As if somehow
His ***** would just
Fall off
I wrote this as a draft, but it was too funny not to post.
Jan 2019 · 764
Lee Keys Jan 2019
Pick a card
Any card
Jan 2019 · 511
Pushed Away
Lee Keys Jan 2019
I miss you
You never left
But you changed
You don't speak to me
Not like you used to anyway
I can't talk to you
You've shut yourself out
It hurts
Seeing you hurt
Seeing you broken
And I broke you
Jan 2019 · 107
Lee Keys Jan 2019
Take it off
That idiotic disguise of false-courage
You cascade over your striking face
I want to know you
The real you
Not the character you perform
In the production of uncertainty
I know it's not you
I can see it in the piercings of your mask
The eyes
They're exposed
Telling a silent story
Jan 2019 · 120
Artist's Block
Lee Keys Jan 2019
She dragged a pencil
On what once was a mighty tree
Hoping her bottled emotions would burst
Into a beautiful image
But it's hard to sketch a picture
When only words can convey the idea
Jan 2019 · 257
Lee Keys Jan 2019
A man manipulated
By his mind
Builds a fortress of solitude
To keep his self doubt
He seeks the comfort
Of a farmiliar demon
Ignoring the afflictive
Advice of an angel

— The End —