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Lee Kelly Jul 14
Trust is delicate, more delicate than
Ancient China, silk or spider webs.
Trust is the hardest thing to earn
It can never be bought or bribed
However is so easy to break,
Easier than damp paper
Easier than making water ripple.

If you trust no one, believe me
Your life will go no where
Trust yourself or no one else will
You’re your biggest asset
If someone breaks your trust,
Don’t look to them waiting for them
To ask your forgiveness
Lee Kelly Jul 14
Down goes the hammer
The pressure builds an explosion
With energy enough to pierce
The sound barrier, a metal
Slug, a bringer oof death,
Twists and writhes through the air
Sprawling behind an empty trail
Spiralling and swirling through
The void, an unstoppable force
Until it meets it’s mark.

As the slug bears down
The hammer recoils back ready to hit another
Harbinger of death
Down below the gentle push
Of a trigger as innocent
As a young child, sets the events
In motion to end the life
Of the person who did not
Give incoming fire the right of way
Lee Kelly Jul 14
The battle is over
The war is lost
The gun is there
One in the chamber
Hand outstretched
Grab the grip
Pull it closer
Barrel to temple
Trigger press
Hammer down
Life would have got better
But I did not let it

My head is burning
Wait I am still here
Hand to head
Crispy skin
Perfect circle
No round
Gun jammed
I am alive
Oh God
This second chance
It cannot be wasted
Be the change you wish
To see in the world.
Lee Kelly Jul 14
We have limited time
Scientists say 30 years
To reverse climate change
However, those that deny facts
Call it a hoax
Stop progress in
Reversing, irreversible damage.
In the next 25-40 years
There will be a shift in power
The likes of which this
World has never seen
Since ****** in Germany
Or the decline of
Imperial Europe.
First we lose oil in
30 years. Then gas
Then coal. I give it
50 years and its all
Gone. As the realization
Kicks in, it will be too late.
Countries will be at war.
They say the first half of
The twentieth century was
The bloodiest time in history
The third world war, a
Mighty scavenge for those
Last barrels of oil, pockets of gas
And lumps of coal
Will have no candle shone
To it by the great wars.
Hundreds of thousands of millions
Will lose their lives
As karma for ignorance and
Denial and lack of action for years
When we act it will be too late
This war will see the use of
Nuclear weapons
No longer a deterrent but a tool
Truth is the first casualty
Of war and the world is
Tinderbox. So the question remains:
Who will light the match and
What lie will we be sold
To justify one’s cause?
Alliances will go out the window,
The only truce will be
The enemy of my enemy is my friend
But your enemy is everyone
So it cuts both ways like
Your friends being cut down beside you
So if the world is a tinderbox
Who will dare to light the match
And who will yield?
Lee Kelly Jul 14
Knowledge and wisdom
So often they are confused
Knowledge is facts and information
Acquired through experience or education
Wisdom is the quality of experience
And good judgement through knowledge
Example, knowledge is knowing
A tomato is a fruit
Wisdom is knowing that
Tomato’s do not belong in fruit salad
If knowledge is power
Then wisdom is the man or woman
Behind that knowledge respecting
But not abusing the power.
Lee Kelly Jul 14
Fame to make the children sleep
Fame to make the children weep
Fame to make the children learn
Fame to make the children earn

Come now little boys and girls
Let me show you the influencers of our world
Here are several men
One’s an actor, a fireman, a soldier
This one’s a biker, a criminal, a pain creator

Come now little boys and girls
Let me show you who is running our world
We have a bigot, a liar, a thief and a lunatic
And one who’s just too rich

Come now little boys and girls
Let me show you who is ruining your world
Lee Kelly Jul 14
No two people are the same
Not doppelgänger, not twins
Each person is different
Science proves this
Religion denies it
Love what makes you different
Embrace how you are unique.

Eyes, hair, voice, mind
They are but a few
Try to copy someone
And show a fake you
Is to deny yourself
The chance to say
This is me.

Why do we discourage people from being different
To those who are abused for being different, remember
You can choose your friends and
You can choose your family
If they won’t accept you
Others will have you.
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