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Lauren Ashley Apr 2014
uncertainty is the concrete that binds me
as the sands of time rapidly increase upon my shore
and fate's strings aren't even tugging now
because indecision is who i've come to implore
Lauren Ashley Jul 2012
was it the thread around my finger
that cut too deep
leaving a small ring shaped scar
in place of slight hope
every thought carved intricately
into my brain
the ink spread out and into whom
it once was
now dancing before my eyes again
a smoky figure
of something that used to be love
but ceased existence
the light that illuminated from ahead
has set behind
so all that was known and cherished
is vague and black
Lauren Ashley Jul 2012
I am still caught in your wake
as I'm sure you are left in mine
we were but stones skipping
across thrashing waters
never meant to flow smoothly
but to sink in separate places
you upon the ocean floor
where one day fate will push
you back to the shores
and I in some forgotten pond
still and shallow but
forever I shall remain whole
and while you mold yourself
back together, you will never
be made the same again
but for I who may still
be submerged, when the
water dries naturally
from someone else's sun
I will still be who I once was
Lauren Ashley Jul 2012
I don't want a love like this
stuck inside this mess
if Heaven casts me out
and Hell rejects me
but if I'm still here
after the fire settles

then I guess I'll
stay, stay, stay
will you go away
or will we just fade
is this gonna be okay

all these spoken thoughts
tear deep in my mind
is this the truth that resonates
when silence becomes
and if the world should end
where will you be
after the fire settles
after the fire settles

then I guess I'll
stay, stay, stay
will you go away
or will you fade
is this okay
these are lyrics to a song my friend and I wrote together,
they wrote the first stanza and I wrote the second and
if you are interested in hearing the singer then I will
be happy to share the link on youtube :)
Lauren Ashley Nov 2011
some lingerie
by the door
another swoon
to the floor

so restless
our heated nights
we forget
the city lights

and loudly
we do proclaim
that pleasure
is the same

as floating
is to feathers
and pulling
at our teathers

we tear
to the core
of what
we live for

burning in
love and lust
endlessly until
our bones rust

and ashes
take the sky
until then
our bodies fly
Lauren Ashley Oct 2011
I grabbed hold
of that chain
of which
no one really knows

and yet
of what I see
that's set
can never be to meet
but, has been met
Lauren Ashley Oct 2011
my hands froze as i waited for you
under a dark and waning moon
yet nothing i could say, nothing i could do
would bring you closer save chanting, "soon"

patience is a virtue i keep with many
and when it comes to silence ive got plenty
yet when i count the seconds until i see
just the hint of your figure, i hardly breathe

you walk silently with a lingering eye
that winks the moment you catch mine
i knew that now i couldn't happily die
or i would miss the warmth as our hands entwine

now my heart beats this hopeless sound
of dreams and hopes when you're around
'cause in your arms i have found
clasps of warmth to keep me ever bound
cliche, i know......
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