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laura Jul 2019
txt below
ye, changing sparks of color
- the sea is stained like your eyes
tears, of sunset, of desire, of gold
i'm coming to terms good things
fall apart, past days echo
laura Jul 2019
txt below
they still shootin’ errybody out there
ripped and ****** gushed
black woman pregnant shot in the belly
then blame her for fightin
with the poor white defenseless neighbor
only in Alabama, yo, that racist
yellow burning state

i flick a cigarette on the floor
light the moment up
close reddit’s news tab
and walk away silently
laura Jun 2019
If you see this then this not, in fact, explicit.
laura Jun 2019
txt below
hear you a little different now
said you were rich a week ago
but now your unemployed
hope your mouth can do some work

my imagination calcifies
couldn't tell if you were shopping
or just looking enviously
jealous of the clothes others wear
laura Jun 2019
Clouds drift through
my conscience
water-vapored daydreams
It’s raining in June
and I spent all my money
on clothes but can’t go
outside to show them off yet

I go out in my garden
to smell the lavender towers
in their purple hush
and the daffodil shows
while wearing my pink
victoria secret bathrobe
while the neighbors nose
  May 2019 laura
My name doesn't matter. I don't know anyone else who has the same name as me, nor why it's so significant. Any comparisons to other people's works will result in a block.

Comment without liking my poems will result in me just removing your comment. Disliking doesn't really do anything and doesn't notify me. However, a comment with constructive criticism can be addressed through private messages.

If you like or love or both any of my poems, I will try to get back to your poems with equally proportional likes and so ons. Sometimes the site doesn't work and I miss a few. Sorry. However, using suns to light my poems up and make them trend again will not result in reciprocation. I am broke. I also do not repost, so choose to if you want knowing this.

Do not put my poems in lists like Worthy to trend or a notch above the daily fluff. I find those lists too pretentious even by my own pretentious standard.

I post thank you's a lot because I am genuinely surprised people like my "art" and I can't make it anymore simple. Thank you friends, I had a rough time when I found this site and loved it ever since.

laura May 2019
If you're gonna love me
you gotta love all of me
and if you're gonna leave me
you gotta leave all of me
right there I coulda sworn
I saw you fly out the window
over the balustrade, your feathers
left all over the couch
takes a dream to stream all the rivers
of bad luck and the grief
stretching our limbs out in the water
but i can't for the life of me
these greenstick, grief stricken lies
keep me awake for night
that you somehow had the brief
patience to handle a fraction
of me and I don't blame you at all
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