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laura 11h
and I'll mess up my life
lie as a second smattering of truth
tell me what you got
before I put you in a plot
in my mind's grave

can't walk no more with conviction
for lost souls trying to make a connection
you know years ago I wouldn't hesitate
to cut someone's breaks and smash their plates
for you I would have put their face on a sleeve

and I'll mess up my life
but I don't need your help no more
up late but I got work at four in the morning
done mourning, ain't old love
I got other things to waste my time on
3d · 37
yêu thích
laura 3d
Heart rushing, feeling sugary
it's a little overwhelming
to feel this way

foolish, even, on my 24th birthday
to get this far on my two feet
without you
7d · 409
died in LA
laura 7d
lalala cockpit's cracked
losing oxygen
I died in LA went straight to hell

put a price on my soul
for a bad man's consumption
trusted no one but it's cheap

gate's closed anyways
who am I to you baby?
don't care if this city sinks in the ocean

going back to Ohio anyways
maybe I'll use the pliers to escape the trunk
bite down, sizzle off the tar like a lost soul
laura Jan 25
and so the Brockhampton song plays
wound goes deep, stick a finger in it
scoop out blood to make room for you

it's filling the floorboards with red
drill a hole out with bullets to drain it
you know you should be my boy

and not go to school no more
sweat and indifference slickening
your delicate forehead, softly scratching scars

with my nails in each of your dimples
you know you should be my boy
oh yes you do, it's love, it's simple
Aug 2022 · 267
laura Aug 2022
on a clear day
idyllic scene
panoramic year

murmur in the juices
sinking teeth into fruit
luscious tableau

allow me to process
picnic with villas of brick
and concrete balusters in the view

i could suffocate
from the sweetness
the despair lifted in the wave
Jul 2022 · 178
gen z dreams
laura Jul 2022
wish I could deliver my dreams
addiction relationships go recalcitrant
incinerate by the summer heat beams
any idea gone dormant, extinct ambition

wish I could survive by myself
tired of depending on expensive medicine
I can see the colors without no help
this pressure tosses me in a spoke of oblivion
if i get one more Bad Gateway error im gonna screm like a cat
Jul 2022 · 64
laura Jul 2022
I'm the king of never failing
propitiating my god-class retorts
getting wet and splashing in the pool
massive belly rivaled by my ego
and my brain's tissues got more wrinkles
than the amount of digits on your hands

you were always supposed to be
more than a statistic
I've spent months tracking you down
like a psychostatic ecclesiastic
a loose cannon, squeaky detective
you were always an integer in my creases

spin into a headache
when I find myself evaded
in front of all my friendlies
save me from being so pathetic
when I send these text messages
feed all my energies to my enemies

I'm the king of never failing
loose buttons in my calculator
never stopped me from being the fool
I'm orange trying to rhyme hinges and glows
wishes, breaking tools on stone and crinkles
the paperless payments on agitated stands
laura Jul 2022
settling into the lushness
of Summer, uneasily, unsteadily
aching to see if there’s a catch

my shaky shaky fingies
entwined and ensconced
dying to hollow out my phone

read my past DMs and died
of cringe, can’t reinvent the blank state
stir the treetops, the sunset an orange bier~
so basically i died irl
Nov 2020 · 295
before u break
laura Nov 2020
when you take my ring finger
bend it all the way back
make the snap as painless
as you go, as you do
lost in the blue of grief
and its instillations dilute the day
rain turned to frost through
a twig-crazed maze reflection
of a window imprinted by winter's traces
didn't have the stomach
the life, the wrist, the wincing
as you pulled my finger all the way back
ripping that ring you dared
thinking about putting on for
a commensurate second  
before you break
Nov 2020 · 318
laura Nov 2020
uncharted november
past the fabrication of dreams
of a normal halloween
still thinking of how i never
even uttered a word to you
yet you arrive in columns of light
my mind, like a meteor shower

sometimes i do think back
in vulnerable moments
where nostalgia leads me by
the nosering
of cold time streams
and swashing memory
your face a fractal mirage
comforting and sweetening
the dream i'll eventually wake up from
Oct 2020 · 363
laura Oct 2020
Too early to get caught up
in all these feelings
breaking quarantine
thoughts of you in your dress
thoughts of you out of it
I'm sorry I have to go
before I lose myself
it's time for me to put all my
clothes on and walk out
your door before you wake
Jul 2020 · 225
blanket of light
laura Jul 2020
i thought i had a flitting hope
on a blanket in light i sat around
listening to your meaningful guitar
not hearing the words when i should have

however scary, however mournful
your hands full of dirt
making mountains as uncharted
as both our souls kindling in strange flames

i had callings long ago but they're not you
and i'm sure you have songs to write
but none shall be about me those are for
real people making passion, not a passing kiss
Jun 2020 · 323
laura Jun 2020
thought it was over in a flash
from one moment kneeling
the next they're throwing tear gas
brothers and sisters fleeing the scene
my homie got shot in the head
with a blank and his brain is bleeding
keep going, acab acab acab
Nov 2019 · 355
thought u’d come back
laura Nov 2019

I thought u’d come back
through draggled prayers
slipped away in the night
if god answered now he’d be so cruel—
thought you’d come back thru my dreams
slip between the sheets and blankets
hold my hands, but the romance is dead
by tomorrow, you’ll still be gone
not even the springtime will get ya back
no afternoon gently shelves these memories
Sep 2019 · 815
summers gone
laura Sep 2019

summer vanished in an instant
i always told my momma we should move
somewhere else far from here
Sep 2019 · 713
she don't care
laura Sep 2019

told her I care, under the lemon tree
she don't care, yeah, she don't
that I do, and that's that

lemondrop, toyredcar, khakiskirt
reach up on the branch and twist
a little to the right and the fruit yields

she don't care
Aug 2019 · 1.7k
why do you like me so much
laura Aug 2019

why do you tease me so
querulous and catty and quirky
the many faces you have
delights so svelte, online media
you write almost tangible
and your beautiful braid-dangles

stupid thoughts, bad cup
pollen from the dandelions
breeze by, heron umbrella
of Autumn's shadow--
the ghosts of never again haunt here
despite you sweetening
the edible tangles
laura Aug 2019

finally seeing a balance
in my bank account
smoking under the last
hours of the sun's reign
feel like i fell out of love
like i'm losing a part of myself
like my mom or dad died
she said boys like me
are bad ones
now that we're deeper into July
she said boys like me
make her go sad
laura Jul 2019
txt below
haven't been so foolish in a minute
maybe it's something that you did
the beautiful and blurriness blossoms
against your frosted window
as I stand at your porch
watching you get up from your chair
reminds me of home a little bit
when i return too late
and get in trouble
Jul 2019 · 762
laura Jul 2019
so i started another profile since this one is borked. like, can't put poems in the poem box. so, the new one is called laura 2. lol i'm original.

I'm probably done with this profile until someone fixes it. which they haven't responded to my inbox messages so i don't think they will. oh well, life moves on.
Jul 2019 · 432
cha cha cha
laura Jul 2019
txt below
Forgotten notes are far sweeter
to the remembering measure
the delectable silence to meditate in
flowing between the years of leisure

cha-cha-cha, scatter and sway the sounds
of a sunday road slowly stealing desire
danço a hula huki e o cha-cha-cha~
hair flows in the cleave of sweet auric air
Jul 2019 · 600
this one too
laura Jul 2019
txt below
ye, changing sparks of color
- the sea is stained like your eyes
tears, of sunset, of desire, of gold
i'm coming to terms good things
fall apart, past days echo
laura Jul 2019
txt below
they still shootin’ errybody out there
ripped and ****** gushed
black woman pregnant shot in the belly
then blame her for fightin
with the poor white defenseless neighbor
only in Alabama, yo, that racist
yellow burning state

i flick a cigarette on the floor
light the moment up
close reddit’s news tab
and walk away silently
laura Jun 2019
If you see this then this not, in fact, explicit.
Jun 2019 · 869
the burn
laura Jun 2019
txt below
hear you a little different now
said you were rich a week ago
but now your unemployed
hope your mouth can do some work

my imagination calcifies
couldn't tell if you were shopping
or just looking enviously
jealous of the clothes others wear
laura Jun 2019
Clouds drift through
my conscience
water-vapored daydreams
It’s raining in June
and I spent all my money
on clothes but can’t go
outside to show them off yet

I go out in my garden
to smell the lavender towers
in their purple hush
and the daffodil shows
while wearing my pink
victoria secret bathrobe
while the neighbors nose
May 2019 · 536
laura May 2019
If you're gonna love me
you gotta love all of me
and if you're gonna leave me
you gotta leave all of me
right there I coulda sworn
I saw you fly out the window
over the balustrade, your feathers
left all over the couch
takes a dream to stream all the rivers
of bad luck and the grief
stretching our limbs out in the water
but i can't for the life of me
these greenstick, grief stricken lies
keep me awake for night
that you somehow had the brief
patience to handle a fraction
of me and I don't blame you at all
May 2019 · 551
laura May 2019
In the night I see nothing
but stars falling
in the day I’d let you know
my secrets but you’d cut
my guts open and laugh
so I sit still at the table
and watch the bumblebees
make their fuzz-buzz
hide their small heads
in leaf shelter...
how ironic, I think
to myself.
Apr 2019 · 775
flagged as explicit
laura Apr 2019
lol a poem about a cat
I thought I could cross
this cracked expansion
and I’m sick and tired
of hiding all of me from you~

or so that song goes
listening to AFI on a walk
I keep crawling back
to catch your shadow
gangling at the window
your black face
and nose of pink
all awkward and scrunched
yet as I approached
you rub against my leg
and stretch in ecstasy
dry wild grass or powdered snow
shadowed forever
in my memory
laura Apr 2019
and im addicted lol
I thought I could cross
this cracked expansion
and I’m sick and tired
of hiding all of me from you~

or so that song goes
listening to AFI on a walk
I keep crawling back
to catch your shadow
gangling at the window
your black face
and nose of pink
all awkward and scrunched
yet as I approached
you rub against my leg
and stretch in ecstasy
dry wild grass or powdered snow
shadowed forever
in my memory
laura Mar 2019
they're drowning out the haters
with kazoos, the crazy *******
honestly i'll join them
but my throat's too clogged anyways
foolish rim of the country
backwards and fragile religion
hate seems to be the zeitgeist of our time
where trysts and labors of spring
are swept in dusk blues and pure greens
another simple transitive jewel
of the moment
Jan 2019 · 909
laura Jan 2019
me with your
thick and hard
Dec 2018 · 4.2k
the cat poem
laura Dec 2018
flash from beneath the christmas tree
like a person diving in the water
truncated by a fluffy tail, a blur of reality
a ball of fur as fast as lightning
thumping up the stairs
then back down
then back up
then back down
Dec 2018 · 886
in love with dani leigh
laura Dec 2018
in love with danileigh’s music
above the dull day’s hips
roils the late afternoon
evanescent drama
then sinks into night
listening to her music
and wondering
where my life went wrong
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
when there's dark
laura Dec 2018
when there's dark
when there's dark, there's no you
big moods, therapy's too expensive
sometimes it's better to lie
than to **** the vibes
and waking from dreams
'cause when there's dark
there's no you and i'm staring
at the ceiling instead of stars
Nov 2018 · 3.0k
egg whites
laura Nov 2018
egg whites
Cold and sunny— to be honest
you’re the only person
it shines on these days

negligent happiness
******* poking through
the egg white sheets we lay in
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
laura Nov 2018
All these boys do is meet
behind the shed, 4:20 alert
dagger of the day climbing rocks
and making bets on their teams
pressing feet on gold coins
dropped from birch trees
and well trodden hills
Idiocy comes in many forms—

I join em and ignore the world
the cries replaying hundreds of time
during the daytime, night time,
Nov 2018 · 2.6k
just look ‘round
laura Nov 2018
just look ‘round
what’s the news—
same old, fussing over holidays
open hand or closed fists
hear the noise on the staircase

what’s that?
christmas eve, just around the corner
you can see the sweet evanescence
in the hanging lights,

like colorful wreathes in our eyes
merciless even when November
is still here, nostalgia sweetens
my blood and melts me to sobbing song
Nov 2018 · 675
don't want to give up
laura Nov 2018
don't want to give up
put make up on for no one
and i hate it sometimes
how it portrays my femininity
sometimes i wanna be a sunflower
and there's a lot of time
to be spent dead
but we ain't got a lot of time
left to live

wore a dress for you
and i want to ride you
like your black car
shining in the cold winter Sun
tomorrow i'm myself
and hope i can score some dinner
scattering trust and money
because we have life
to spend like we're going broke
Nov 2018 · 413
why cant we be
laura Nov 2018
me, me, me
and it’s all me
all the way to the end.
sorry but sometimes we need simple stuff
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
laura Nov 2018

dreams drip and drop
saliva draped and daubed
across fine lips

the gallery of night
drawn curtains, unwoven robes
falling plump in the mist of a crush

want to be more than friends
before the kingdom of day
coldly sheds light in yellows and orange
Nov 2018 · 2.7k
test 15
laura Nov 2018
subtle and solemn undertones
she’s becoming a no-vac mom
stars and pyramids have fates
designed for each of us,
schemes and snake oil posing
as natural herbs and curing
the werewolf of decaying intellect
the true nature of blissful ignorance
HP is lame and filtering all my recent poems as explicit lol
Nov 2018 · 1.9k
bad fridays
laura Nov 2018
usually last a few minutes
the slow burn
bitter taste
wind chill needs to chill
fam needs to chill
bank account needs to chill
room remained behind glass
sipping coffee
bad fridays taste just as bad
Nov 2018 · 484
laura Nov 2018
rofl the test worked
ya throw fits at the mall
speak ***** in a child's voice
i hear delicacy in your dialect
but it's optimism, imagination
on my part, trepidation and mistaken identity
tantrums later, spilled coffee
deforestation in my thought's trees
skinny love, blood in sinks
listening to that song
ya don't dig a whole lot
about him, you don't have a shovel
but you drive your
pink nails in the sheets
it's probably why i can't escape you
Nov 2018 · 692
just like dat
laura Nov 2018
and just like that
wind blows and the sun’s out
the money’s gone
and the trap is on
phone’s a mirrored pond
an infinite void to jealousy
and just like that
it’s all gone, always gone
Nov 2018 · 911
laura Nov 2018
and you said i wasn't good
enough for you
yeah right yeah right
you're probably right
i'm good for no one
between the heavy breaths
and the bellyaches from laughing too hard
when we were high
i'll be gone when the lease is up
and i'll hope you're feeling free
with a better guy
Oct 2018 · 436
laura Oct 2018
so, hi
it’s been halloween for five nights
in a row and i haven’t
processed anything at all
the flash of life has been too fast
and i haven’t called you yet
Oct 2018 · 1.3k
test 10
laura Oct 2018
scoopity poopity ****
poopity scoopity scoop
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
test 9
laura Oct 2018
scoopity poopity ****
poopity scoopity scoop
for le strawberry fields, my guinea piggy
Oct 2018 · 3.1k
laura Oct 2018
this poem is hidden from strawberry fields who has her "hide explicit poems" checked on. this doesn't make any sense since there's nothing explicit in it. i can't figure out which word is messing with it :S

copy the link and follow it
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