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laura Aug 2017
white girls stuck in perpetual road trips
to nowhere in particular
but they look cute though, always in a red jeep
with red cheeks and red lips
laura May 2017
you know deep down
the answer
you want to try it
pressure builds walls
and you like it

got messed up feet
from those heels
tennis shoes and skirts
like a school girl
and i like it

but bad lessons are all
i teach
laura Sep 2018
so tightens the end of september
like a noose, rained for weeks straight
and i’m doing whatever feels right

you run your fingers thru my hair
and i’m embarrassed, don’t know
how to tell you how i feel

want to run away into the night
with you, want to drink again
and fight the system, its every discoloration

so each day goes
forgetting what brings the glitter
back in my eyes, smiles fading for no reason
laura Apr 2018
Love me some more
pour your heart and i’ll pour in mine
you live near an airport
and i hear the low laboring growl
of some jets casting shadows over our heads

in bed with you in the afternoon
smearing the pink sunset
our low hanging blood keeping us
sleepy seedy and awaiting the frosty night
to come again
love me some more

let the gusts do their dance through
the windows
and let the towers of today fall
what did i do to get a daily poem thing.
laura Jun 2020
thought it was over in a flash
from one moment kneeling
the next they're throwing tear gas
brothers and sisters fleeing the scene
my homie got shot in the head
with a blank and his brain is bleeding
keep going, acab acab acab
laura Nov 2018
rofl the test worked
ya throw fits at the mall
speak ***** in a child's voice
i hear delicacy in your dialect
but it's optimism, imagination
on my part, trepidation and mistaken identity
tantrums later, spilled coffee
deforestation in my thought's trees
skinny love, blood in sinks
listening to that song
ya don't dig a whole lot
about him, you don't have a shovel
but you drive your
pink nails in the sheets
it's probably why i can't escape you
laura Oct 2018
ya throw fits at the mall
speak ***** in a child's voice
i hear delicacy in your dialect
but it's optimism, imagination
on my part, trepidation and mistaken identity
tantrums later, spilled coffee
deforestation in my thought's trees
skinny love, blood in sinks
listening to that song
ya don't dig a whole lot
about him, you don't have a shovel
but you drive your
pink nails in the sheets
it's probably why i can't escape you
laura Jun 2018
take the feelings away from me
put them all in a ***
stir them into a stew and eat them

where do you want to hang
have u tied the knot
on your favorite tree

hope ya chose right and tight
because there’s no one left
to see you burn
laura Oct 2017
Try too hard,
adjectives aren't my thing
you might be as old as you say you are
but it's not very worth it
cigarettes and love aren't either
the way i look at you?
like a 165 pound
slab of meat
i would love to cut up and eat
or maybe- have you cut me up
and eat me instead

i'm lean i swear
laura Jul 2018
you did, all across the hallway
on the bathroom floor
and on the glass shower door
eye shadows flooded like the money
in your bank account baby

fake love hip swing under palm trees
land of milk and honeys
you did, yeah, that's how american women do it
it's what makes you human
it's what makes you beautiful

vulnerable, lost, all over the internet
and you did it for a BSN
all the while they tell you you're beautiful
laura Jun 2018
drinking all night,
watching a soulless reptile
talk about his company
and trying to sell a sea of nerds
overpriced videogames
drinking all night on some ***** LA heat
was great actually but that dude looked like a lizard and nobody seemed interested
laura Nov 2018
usually last a few minutes
the slow burn
bitter taste
wind chill needs to chill
fam needs to chill
bank account needs to chill
room remained behind glass
sipping coffee
bad fridays taste just as bad
laura Oct 2018
dead tree forks
arizona heat still goes dumb hard
voices swivel for relief
i mouthed every word
of a break up song
like it means something
giving you up
like you gave up on the pronoun game
callous tongue
imagine if you called me by my name
as opposed to a girl
like i told you to
that’s one point for gryffindor and none for you
laura May 2018
i was beefing with another girl
in a two year old inconsistent blip
summer by summer, mad then silent
churning of the rapid water hourly

get nothing done at all, but fall into
a rotation without a darker cause
simply forgetting what it was
exactly that started it

whatever was curved
around the dusky breeze, bro
overtook the over the shoulder look
vortexes into a lazy bubbly whirl
in the lake we would hang out by

i’ll come around if you do
but we don’t talk
like we used to on the way
to the supermarket
but i’m on my way
to the “lost and free as i could be

it’s as all i’m meant to be
supposes me, supposes you.
listening to God’s Plan enough finally made me like the song
laura Nov 2020
when you take my ring finger
bend it all the way back
make the snap as painless
as you go, as you do
lost in the blue of grief
and its instillations dilute the day
rain turned to frost through
a twig-crazed maze reflection
of a window imprinted by winter's traces
didn't have the stomach
the life, the wrist, the wincing
as you pulled my finger all the way back
ripping that ring you dared
thinking about putting on for
a commensurate second  
before you break
laura May 2018
owoo! girl touch me, pop me
some more of that bubbly
don’t you need me, want me
some more of that body

that song’s gotten pretty stuck
in my head and with pen and paper
i get a little obnoxious but don’t
you love it when i do?
A note: oh so now this poem is reflecting my silly side? what about classic ones like “The Fruity Man” or even “Camel man?” Those are way sillier than this one.
laura Sep 2018
sometimes i think about you
other times you worm yourself
back inside my dreams like a solicitor
strain to hear your voice

i'm striking attitudes with you as the sun sets
of course, young and stupid
can't really hide my emotions
at all when i'm around you

we're always together where
i last spoke to you before; at that **** park
i don't go to anymore because memories hurt
since you killed yourself, aren't we always depressed

speak to me your secrets and the signs
i've always failed to see
give me all your wisdoms
and the sense of urgency in your voice
before i wake up broken from the dreams
stuff that melts my heart into wax
voice to a whimper
bones like water
body empty
and thoughts missing you
but running forever
laura Sep 2018
got to eat them as they darken
reddened ruby to black constant opal
berries will rot quickly if you don’t
or they’ll taste real gooey and wierdy
if you let the drupelets’ colors get
unsynchronized like summer and fall

...why am i telling you this?
because i learned that the hard way
and the days go away in the gleam
heavy showers and peak-a-boo sun
the east barely bracing for the storm
and the sweetness decaying like the leaves
o this is so sad, alexa play despacito

Daily #3 baybeeeeee how tf does this website work
laura Jul 2020
i thought i had a flitting hope
on a blanket in light i sat around
listening to your meaningful guitar
not hearing the words when i should have

however scary, however mournful
your hands full of dirt
making mountains as uncharted
as both our souls kindling in strange flames

i had callings long ago but they're not you
and i'm sure you have songs to write
but none shall be about me those are for
real people making passion, not a passing kiss
laura Jun 2017
she's made of gold but she wants green
voice sounds like she's been choking
on someone else's fumes

she tweets but she doesn't even text
her husband about half those things
everyone knows she does out on the streets
laura Jul 2018
stone cold killa
knockin' fellas off
they feet, ****** on the bay
writing poetry and
pushing bodies in the lake

she's a killa, man
get off on false promises
of commitment
no 5-o's, no weapon clues
no witness

i'm dead broke
i'm her next target
spending money on happiness
a poem like a wandering outlaw
us, causing sinister stares under the sunset
laura Jul 2022
I'm the king of never failing
propitiating my god-class retorts
getting wet and splashing in the pool
massive belly rivaled by my ego
and my brain's tissues got more wrinkles
than the amount of digits on your hands

you were always supposed to be
more than a statistic
I've spent months tracking you down
like a psychostatic ecclesiastic
a loose cannon, squeaky detective
you were always an integer in my creases

spin into a headache
when I find myself evaded
in front of all my friendlies
save me from being so pathetic
when I send these text messages
feed all my energies to my enemies

I'm the king of never failing
loose buttons in my calculator
never stopped me from being the fool
I'm orange trying to rhyme hinges and glows
wishes, breaking tools on stone and crinkles
the paperless payments on agitated stands
laura Sep 2017
happy **** day, **** me
**** you, humpback **** front
don't stop, follow dotted lines
until you find the little treasure spot
get a little wierd with love
get a little wierd with me

you aren't safe out there, kiddo
just stick with me, too much
talk in the office about us
make out behind a filing cabinet
stuck on the phone all day telling
everybody we're going
to be alright, happy hunting
laura Jul 2019
txt below
Forgotten notes are far sweeter
to the remembering measure
the delectable silence to meditate in
flowing between the years of leisure

cha-cha-cha, scatter and sway the sounds
of a sunday road slowly stealing desire
danço a hula huki e o cha-cha-cha~
hair flows in the cleave of sweet auric air
laura Oct 2018
sitting in your corvette
bass boosted songs
and friday sunlight reflecting
off crisp puddles from yesterday
you hit the gas
and my hair goes straight
to the roof
feels like i’m trapped in
a fish bowl, sports cars
easy to get in
but impossible to get out
maybe that’s your plan
laura Nov 2020
uncharted november
past the fabrication of dreams
of a normal halloween
still thinking of how i never
even uttered a word to you
yet you arrive in columns of light
my mind, like a meteor shower

sometimes i do think back
in vulnerable moments
where nostalgia leads me by
the nosering
of cold time streams
and swashing memory
your face a fractal mirage
comforting and sweetening
the dream i'll eventually wake up from
laura Feb 2018
you run while i gasp and die
uphill as i try to be near you

let’s just scream it all out
make it ring out through the forest
like the trees need to hear our drama

the main battle of the year’s just started
offering the country most beautiful
but your girl’s just not into the drive
in the dark just playing catchup to you
laura Mar 2018
girl full of demons
hospital bed of course
getting under my skin

psychedelics are her life
since she never had one to begin with
unique as a different colored bookmark
inside her Nietzsche book

breed. complacency. man. woman.
everything between
the ecstasy of snow in February
stuck with getting to know you
laura Nov 2018
All these boys do is meet
behind the shed, 4:20 alert
dagger of the day climbing rocks
and making bets on their teams
pressing feet on gold coins
dropped from birch trees
and well trodden hills
Idiocy comes in many forms—

I join em and ignore the world
the cries replaying hundreds of time
during the daytime, night time,
laura Jun 2017
there's a lot more
to being dead i suppose
when there was going to be
two dents in the bed
but there's only me in it tonight
laura Aug 2017
i'm eating glass shards
and complaining about
the way my gums bleed
one day i'm gonna turn
inside out and become some
other body or somebody else

starting with the dentures first
and the three thousand dollar
surgery that you flew out to florida
to get won't mean a thing
because i'm somebody new
not a living embarrassment
laura Jan 31
lalala cockpit's cracked
losing oxygen
I died in LA went straight to hell

put a price on my soul
for a bad man's consumption
trusted no one but it's cheap

gate's closed anyways
who am I to you baby?
don't care if this city sinks in the ocean

going back to Ohio anyways
maybe I'll use the pliers to escape the trunk
bite down, sizzle off the tar like a lost soul
laura Apr 28
skip past the easy part
isn't that what you wanted
spend hours in the car
instead of going inside

i remember my poetry
was laser focused
perhaps it still is

maybe amicable as it is
the split turns to indifference
break plates like a child
counseling did not fail us

it made us realize things
are owed to ourselves
i think it's funny that this
is the hardest i've worked for us
laura Jun 2018
i think im being gaslighted
‘cause i can’t remember why i
feel this disgusted with myself
whenever i’m around you

lately i stopped believing in the magic
of being disobedient of other’s rules
every time there’s pieces of my
belongings scattered and hidden

you with a knife ridge smile
and no sign of grieving for the waves
you stole away from me
i need to run away but i don’t know how
laura Nov 2018
don't want to give up
put make up on for no one
and i hate it sometimes
how it portrays my femininity
sometimes i wanna be a sunflower
and there's a lot of time
to be spent dead
but we ain't got a lot of time
left to live

wore a dress for you
and i want to ride you
like your black car
shining in the cold winter Sun
tomorrow i'm myself
and hope i can score some dinner
scattering trust and money
because we have life
to spend like we're going broke
laura Nov 2018
egg whites
Cold and sunny— to be honest
you’re the only person
it shines on these days

negligent happiness
******* poking through
the egg white sheets we lay in
laura Apr 2018
wanna twist and shout
fist and clout
the silent wrestle
a lapse of consciousness
bereft of science
and hard as metal

black and blue
***** girl, ***** pronoun game
strewing the fate in a storm
of words strung like wire

what do you want?
don’t call me like a woman
and don’t call me one either
you don’t got any other way
to communicate

it’s blame it on anything you don’t got
close the chapter and the verse
with a love curse
an empty ball and chain
because it’s all you and no me
i’m dumb as rocks but you have one instead of a brain
laura Aug 2018
knew a girl named Faith
who had none at all
husky breath, taut body
aligning laughter with anyone in sight
sotto voce-
fading into the carriage of the night
rolling within the mazes she chooses

she's a tall tower squishing my chest
tabi heels from margiela
give her all my love but it's never enough
takes it all and serves it to everyone
crosses for earrings
knew a girl named Faith
and i love her
laura Mar 2018
i want to wrap my legs around you
be your necklace of white
jewels and sheets that smell of perfume

you know i don’t do the pronouns
i’m full of myself when i want to be
full of you in the light of moondark night

contrasting, my ego is the ring around
your finger that does not belong to me
so whispers you, “wait until August, love

when she leaves again.”
laura Feb 2018
feels like putting my hand
on something sharp kinda day
invincible temporary, of course
fight the system on a february dawn

where the lamp's lambent spheres
bob in and out of existence
as the sunshine overcomes their presence

first kiss with you, like hands
dancing in the fires
trying to stay warm in the winter light
an ogre of a dream, a curse to be this shadow

compared to the glow of an angel like you
laura Sep 18
You flake apart
Jump around in the boiling basket
but never out of it

why won't you
just let me live my life
an eternity in a swiveling ballet

cut up sniveling fish fillet
knife tip broke inside of it from the stress
the protoplasmic cowardice, the futile breeding quit

Would you like to wake up
to every battle I have in my **** head?
emotion submits to caviar delivery

tossed foam cups with the soda in it
belly up, split apart
the lives lit, baked-in honor

as if you earned it, like a lalala legendary
a souped down chopped up piece of aquatic livery
on a sanded down wooden board
laura Apr 2019
lol a poem about a cat
I thought I could cross
this cracked expansion
and I’m sick and tired
of hiding all of me from you~

or so that song goes
listening to AFI on a walk
I keep crawling back
to catch your shadow
gangling at the window
your black face
and nose of pink
all awkward and scrunched
yet as I approached
you rub against my leg
and stretch in ecstasy
dry wild grass or powdered snow
shadowed forever
in my memory
laura Jun 2018
i’m a bad baby, a wet pussycat
that does a whole lot of meowing
nobody left to blame, a goodbye loser

love me, hate me, be my bruiser
classy lady, i’m unruly you can tie me
up and school me just don’t try to save me

and i parted ways with bad friends
if tomorrow comes then what’s good
don’t be afraid to laugh at my expense
laura Apr 2018
i remember
gettin' kinkykinky in the backseat
while your friend drives
illumined shoulderblades in the dimmers
your step daddy doesn't have much
say in us running away since you're 18

your mommy never loved me
and how i don't normally fit in things

told me you'd be going to school
in Kirtland, but i'm missing out
on how thick you're getting
for the waving tiers of succulence
belting in your stomach
profusion of feelings confusing your tongue
laura Oct 2018
Piano and guitar playing light songs
soft tape, fresh rain, streets oblique
christmas lights on her walls like she
lives in a dorm, eucalyptus smelling
fresco paintings with 666s on them
bring on the full Fall, dim cars
outside and their alarms or engines
in the pause of our sleepy conversations
we go in deep when we’re satisfied with
the noise we’ve made
laura Aug 2018
ensorcelled - the day burns and burns
the dusk is filled with ashen husks
and white flies swirling in the wind
different kind of bittersweet day

like a girl who ditched you at a good movie
a sunset lighting the boughs up at 2PM
like a good day despite the world on fire
pretty and futile; like throwing selfies on an insta
laura Apr 2018
Friday is for fry yays, queer guys
coming at me with the gold heart
and smooth, skin tender intentions
I’d rather call all my friends

and sit around being poor and pretty
at a park
laura Nov 2018

dreams drip and drop
saliva draped and daubed
across fine lips

the gallery of night
drawn curtains, unwoven robes
falling plump in the mist of a crush

want to be more than friends
before the kingdom of day
coldly sheds light in yellows and orange
laura Apr 2018
Spent all my money on comfy camo clothes
Diors and Docs
and none of them have pockets
for you

would’ve spent it trying to get to you, get me out the friendzone
but i’m good, the gleam
of spring rain incites the wetness
and half drear to outshine

but i’m doing me and making each day
laura Jan 2019
me with your
thick and hard
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