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欣快 May 2018
i know there's still bits and pieces of you that aren't quite undead yet
felt almost impressive to mean something
or somebody who can alter your possessiveness, left
the wedding ring and pretending to be old on your dresser
lay out and fade away star-born reflected off morning waves
the highs and lows, most have been so low and you standing high
getting into my phone and claiming to protect me from other people
bringing your guns out for the summer sun again, sabatoging
all my connections to the outside world, i still wonder why
you bother teasing me and thinking this is more than a charade
but there's still got to be something inside you that still cares
欣快 May 2018
hit with the brush of heat and the super likes
i light my cigarette and lean on my phone and
a 90s volkswagen parked next to a brand new prius
tell me don't make me wait forever, superman
is this what you want, things are changing all around us
and i could have sworn i was doing okay (finally) when
i was without you, before i even noticed your eyes
i was with trevor after class and i could've sworn
you opened your locker after i caught you staring at me

today i walked outside without your hand in mine
and i didn't know what to do with it at all
not speak of such conviction that i think the same thing
that i could be better not knowing what you're doing
who you're seeing, who your sleeping with in cold calculation
the revenge of symbols rearranging themselves
into a broken heart, summer's round the corner
and i'm wasting away thinking about you again and again
欣快 Apr 2018
call me when things are tranquila, quiet
you cat call me, tell me you want me as your chica
something about a casa and boy, i don't speak spanish
let alone english to the perfection you seemingly don't require

you say bonita, you say

open up your corazón, set the love free on wings flying in the sun
your tongue knows the sacred place to wet the desert
my back and head lean back and watch the cosmos spin perfectly
one moment we were drinking underage and messing around
now i'm living in your house making changes to the framework
looking for some substance in this secular age
欣快 Apr 2018
can’t tell at all if these thoughts are even mine, smoothing my hair out
on the lawn while the sun kisses our skin and we lay around
Spring is getting swept away and the asphalt is as hot as you
heat circumventing every shade of skinny leaved trees
and our truant is every bit of rebellion i need to escape myself
these neon signs are open and i still want steal time with you
just like the weather did and be full to the brim of light
want to dream again if this day is one, and daydream all the stinging away
欣快 Aug 2017
and i swear i'll be your best time of your life
until somebody eclipses me in every capacity
the sunrise hasn't happened yet and there's still bridges
to burn, the oversized teddybear you got me from
the fair of those overpriced games lined up under the bright
farris wheel lights that shine with nostalgia everytime
i think about them again, crashing on your couch
and waking up in the morning to the smell of breakfast
but you have disappeared and it will be tragic, bones
hurt when you break them but you haven't broke mine yet
欣快 Jun 2017
the superficial makes my soul, shopping until the mall closes
honey i got broken eyes in these sweat filled nights for sure
and people order everything online, ******* to food
and i love to say i want all the attention when it comes
like to stay with my twelve pierced ears on these starred streets
people made of plastic and the fat people get shamed, i live
in a house that somebody else pays for and i say i love him
every once in awhile, i fall apart and he can buy things to fix me
and that's just what i hate and love about me
i fall apart and maybe that's what i deserve
欣快 Jun 2017
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