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Kylia Aug 2016
you have always inked your own skies but this time-- this time Sea has engulfed the earth and these is no shore for hope to wash up
the crook of your elbow is a criminal cast of old time's sake and beneath skin-deep smiles each red blood cell drags its own wheelbarrow of
the size of teardrops roll down vein-encrusted mountainsides and you think (you know) to yourself: this is the end of the world as you know it. --then a glass ceiling rains down the sun and you pull oxygen; dissociate atoms: the yearning to breathe
you ring the doorbell and step in and something inside me rings as well; loud and clear and joyful and i notice
you leave your shoes behind.
I wrote this for you.
Kylia Jul 2016
I count: A Silver line(ing)
Wait, two.
There they bask on top of his head,
(Is it just me or is it getting hot in here)
Dyed? I inquire.
No answer.
They lay, black-hole swallowed amongst
Livelier, Lonelier, counterparts
Youth, I imagine they think
To themselves, is a void(ing)
Age is the neon pink vitality of last
Chances; they know
The average lifespan of their kind:
730 days.
--the queue groans forward two steps--
So they shift slightly and give in to an ebony hollow-
Ness (cafe) isn't good for your health-
I muse an an afterthought.
The nest shivers,
Rustles as the tree stalks away on neon pink
Roots, a beige trunk.
Gave myself 5 minutes to write something from this inspiration and edited it a little afterwards. Hope ya'll have a nice day :)
Kylia Jun 2016
In another life
She would have been born a boy 
Too late, they'll just try again
Pudgy limbs thrashing in water 
Soon the bucket is silent.
Time for tankas
Kylia Jun 2016
Neon lights illuminunate glasses,
Getting picked on--***** those *******.

We don't worship your filthy pastors
In life we'll see who runs the fastest.
Rip my first pantun ;-;
Kylia May 2016
Timid she creeps, painting
Sunsets on trees.
One by one
Fly, fire, fly!
Kylia Apr 2016
Dear Friend,
These years we had went by so fast
These years apart shall never mend
And this far our warm love has last
And my heart this parting shall ever rend

Dear Friend,
Do you still remember the first time we met?
(oh please tell me you do)
So much has happened, I’ll never forget
But now we bid adieu

Dear Friend,
My soul is here
My flesh is there
It is my mortal fear
That my heart I’ll never again share

Dear Friend,
We conquered the world, hand in hand
And sailed the seven seas
Without you I couldn’t have sketched the sand
Nor kissed the cool sea breeze

Dear Friend,
Maybe one day we’ll meet again
Before the ink has left the pen
When time is old and so are we
And we will one last time celebrate our jubilee*

Dear Friend,
Know that you’ll always hold a space in my heart
For the laughter that we’ve collected
And for all the times we tore each other apart--
(What can I say? We’re both demented)

Dear Friend,
I guess what I’m trying to say is
Life can be mean
Life can be bliss
But please remember to hold on
To our sun-kissed smiles and watery eyes
I promise
They’ll hold you through to dawn
So forget goodbyes
They are not forever
This precious love goodbyes cannot sever
This joyous pact we’ve together drawn
For now
Let us merely whisper
“Until tomorrow’s dawn”
Another beautiful collab :')
Bolded by him, Italicized by me.

For Faith (although you'll never see it)
Kylia Apr 2016
These days I get lost more often that not
In a labyrinth of escaping echos,
They belch out obscene words, each one left
Behind like red hot embers for me to pick up.
I strip myelf bare before you today, to say:
I will not be outshined, I will not 
be swallowed whole,
not by any of the black holes you hurl towards me like
shooting stars
(Come now dear, close your eyes and make a--)
Wishes don't come true by wishing.
You don't scare me, don't you
see? The monster under my bed I used to hide from--
its just a part of your hurricane heart
I get it now, 
now that time has healed those scars, leaving 
in its place opalescent stars--
you were just the by-product of tear-stained pillows and 
the (not so) occasional broken bottle

I strip myself bare before you today, to say:
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry my monsters were gaping mouths and mocking eyes, and yours--
yours were tangible fury and broken bones
slurred words and hollow tones I'm so
so sorry.
I strip myself bare before you today to tell you: 
I forgive you.
You know who you are.
I've stopped running from your ghost, now why don't you?
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