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In life, I feel like giving up. I try my hardest to stop loving you, but it kills me to try. I cant loose the feelings i had and still have for you. You are my other half, the pepper to my salt.
You are my love the one i can never stop loving. Years could pass by and it still wouldn't **** my love, my needing for you. I cant stand being here all alone.
So what would you say? Would you walk away? But i only go to realize that you cant. I cant handle not having you here. I need you just like bees need a queen.
I love you with all my soul. But you can see it. You let me SUFFER! All the pain i have had to go through is because of you! You weren't there when i need you the most.
But why should I blame you.
What happened was an accident. You didn't mean to.. to..
The crash was all that stupid drunk drivers fault! I wish him to hell!! It was all his fault, his fault that i lost you! It wasn't your fault. But I cant stand to live without you. Some days in life, I just want to give up.
True story
They were so in love
He couldn't be away from her
She hoped for marriage
Months past
He proposed
On the honeymoon they went
They never should have came back
Robers broke in thinking they were gone
One took a gun from his bag
The man ran down the stairs where
She was
The robber aimed and fired twice
He jumped in front of her before it was her
Twice in the heart
When the police came
It was to late
She never got to tell him she was

Having a baby
true story
"Baby, because your birthday is tomorrow you get a special prize."
"Really what is it?"
"Cant tell you yet."
"Oh come on, just a hint."
"Something sweet."

She wanted a ring
but she got a teddy bear instead.
She said these things:

"You got me a ******* bear, and that's it!"
"Baby let me explain,"
"No I told you i wanted a ring for my birthday since we started dating!"
"Can you let me talk?"
"No no more talking just listen! We are through! Through!"
"What? Why?"
"Just go!!"

Later that day she saw the zipper
and opened the pocket.
She found a beautiful diamond ring
She later went to apologize to him
He was no were to be found.
The next day she found out bad news
Her love was killed in a shooting.
She went to his grave and read the note out loud:

"Happy birthday baby,
You are the love of my life and I hope you like my gift.
You mean the world to me.
Your man"

She spent the rest of her life regretting everything she said.
And she kept the ring for the rest of her days.
She never married,or had kids.
She was buried with the ring on and next to his grave.
They had no kind words before his time.
And so
Those were their last words.
She wore his varsity jacket
He kissed her cheek
They said they would never end.
She made cheer
He made football
Problems begin to bend.
She wondered what he was hiding
He saw someone else
It all started with the send.
She saw him with her
He lost his true love
And this is my story
of my stupid love.
Your clothes, hair, shoes,
That is what others
say makes you beautiful.
They were wrong,
You are beautiful
No matter what.
You are you
When I die,
I want to stay,
Coming back is like death,
all over again for me.
I lost you,
You left the world,
I lost everything afterwards.
Thats why when I die,
I could stay with you.
She loves him,
or does she?
She loves being with him,
and her,
He loves her,
so does she,
She becomes confused,
Loving and hating love all at once,
She has to choose,
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