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There's a permanent Summer in my heart and mind
somewhere in that Summer I am
hoping you will find

that crazy feeling when you're kissing a volcano
the midnight madness of a lazy moonlight swim
the silent movements that occur between two lovers
come find the Summer and
let yourself in.
If only we were the executioners of our downfall
that would be a fitting windfall, and
a rollover on the lottery

as death grins on the side lines
remember the good times
sharpening the axe.
 Nov 2016 kneedleknees
Mike Adam
I would sing
To you
My love

Could I sing

I would dance
With you

Could I dance

I would take
You fly
My love

Could I fly

But cannot

My love

Accept this
Beating heart

In lieu
I was never the type
of child that obeyed
much  of anything;
not even the many
times  I was told
not to stare into
the evening sun
when I felt
 Oct 2016 kneedleknees
Mike Adam
Only the moon
Defines our day
With orbit

Only sunshine
Allows our life

Only our ***
Creates our people

Only your love
Made me whole

Now moon drifts away
3.87 centimetres
Each year

The night shall stretch
And die

You left
All at once

Only I cry
I cry
I cry
One dozen migratory Black-and-white Warblers lay
like fallen piano keys on the sidewalk in front
of a 14-story glass constructed building;
I watched as the janitor swept
them into the street.
I had to think twice about thinking twice which was twice the work for an old work horse and
if nature truly runs its course then of course it must be true that pondering on the imponderables is a noble thing to do.

You and I know
that to go around in circles is a total waste of time
but we do it all the time which wastes more time and not being one for waste or time I found it easier to go in a straight line,
not a flat line because that's something different.

Any dimension you like is the dimension that does it for me.

lots of it even in the little bit of what I see and what is a galaxy anyway?
just another chocolate like the milky way or Mars bar which is not too far off the mark,
in an inn in the dark and so am I, where
a pint of beer and a pie is my cup of tea
(sounds a bit Alice to me)
I always was.

If you had to think twice every time that you thought
I'd think twice about thinking at all
 Sep 2016 kneedleknees
Mike Adam
The little ***
You gave

White with red

Kept it so long
The glaze cracked.

Bet you are
Improved too

By a few
Laughing lines
Don’t eat chicken noodle soup from a saucepan leaned back in a recliner
because your neighbor could hit his wife in the back of the head
with a cue ball and the cops might siren down your street
causing you to flinch and spill hot broth on your
chest;  I have a bone to pick with the coward.
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