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avalon Mar 4
manic!depressionmanicdepression manic. ]
shhhhh her mind sleeps slowly and breathes
she doesn't think her fingers need time to bleed her breath
bleeds she
takes a breath and beats time back into his box.
he rattles.
no no that's me , that is me again. rattling.
ribs are useless. maybe i have three lungs and no heart. i feel only breaths and no beating,
only the beating of time in his box and
he screams. no
no that is me.
avalon Mar 4
my fists are beating themselves again and i dont feel .
avalon Feb 25
the days at the end of july
fall apart in my fingertips.
i wrote this in july
avalon Feb 25
why would i bother trying to make my words appease you? we are two equal wholes of this and i still look for you to complete me.
avalon Feb 25
come back to me when you finally realize
you can't find peace within yourself

i'd love to talk.
avalon Feb 25
i'd give up a lot to be neurotypical
avalon Feb 20
i have the sort of anxiety that makes you feel like there are sugar granules embedded in the first layer of your skin and they're vibrating.

do you ever feel that way?
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