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Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
Let's take this slow
We've got no where to go

I feel like I belong
With you by my side
We can go far and wide.

No distance too great,
and we're never late.
Always at the right moment,
almost as if it were fate.

l.v.s and IM
Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
Being smothered in barbs and thorns
Tends to discourage passersby
From your flourishing leaves and fruits

Instead of grabbing for the bounty
You uncovered the roots
And nurtured them
To outgrow the defenses.

Leila The Kiwi Feb 2022
You say if I had just told you,
None of this would have happened

When your anger weighs down the room
There's no space for my words

All that escapes is a silent scream
But you don't hear me

Not even for a second
Do you cast your gaze in my direction.

Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
Reach outward toward me
Let the wind take your hand
Twirl through our story

Lay breathless beneath
A blanket of stars
The possibilities will
Keep you warm.

Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
I'm already the rainshine,
I come to our connection with my light
And dark coexisting.

I share myself without fear
Because I've learnt how to feel safe here.

But you're not quite there,
You're becoming.

You're beginning to realize
That blinding sunlight does not
Give the opportunity to see.

Through our collision
Perhaps you'll let some
Drops pitter patter and
Understand the magnificence
It can create.

Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
I thought we felt the same
But, how could you?

How could you,
When the things I say are just spun to fit your game
You watch me come undone as I feel I'm the one to blame

I thought you were telling the truth
But, how could you?

How could you,
When your words are a distorted mirror of what I wanted to hear
You read me so well

You expect me to be proud of you
But, how could I?

How could I,
Enjoy watching my character die?

How could you?

Leila The Kiwi Jan 2022
Bringing me back
To a time long ago

Before rubbled remnants
Of destruction scattered my mind

Childlike and carefree
Without a thought about what awaits me

A gift I couldn't
Have imagined to receive.

After realizing I'd shared the childlike wonder of affection I started to cry. It's been years since I let my guard down to this point and just let things flow so naturally. Getting lost in the moment and another person. Past relationships made me think it wasn't possible anymore... But it is.
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