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Kiah Tomatz May 2013
i like it when my face
is pressed up against yours
in the most unusual way
like you never kissed me before

i like when your legs cross
i like it when they don’t
i like it when you say you will
and even if you don't

i like it when you whistle
i like it when you hum
i like you when you act smart
or pretend to be dumb.

i like it when you whisper
i like it when you’re loud
i just want to be the one
you want to be around

so smile at me. smile. make my dreams come true.
i’d wish upon 1000 stars and always wish for you.

i like it when you smile
i like it when you laugh
i like when you forget the time
because you make me laugh.

i hate it when you’re quiet
i can’t handle that
you fill the empty spaces
that i never thought i had.

i like it when you touch me
i still like you if you won’t
i’d like it if you’d say you like me
even if you won’t.
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
flying is easy,
minus crash landings that leave you to sink
but i was always able to fly
flying is easier than waving goodbye

they sang in choruses witty and bright
like airplanes across the ocean they flew
darling did you tell them?
darling don’t you see?
i’m a ship stranded at sea.
there’s no body to come rescue me

you were always too scared to fly

too well practiced at goodbyes.

so i’ll drown in this ocean
while you sit on the shore

always wishing we were something more.
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
dear don’t you see?
the more things you unpack
the harder it is to leave.

you’ve left behind so many things
i can’t possibly begin to clean

you flow through my viens
you’re the oxygen i breathe.
how will these dry bones carry me
if  you decide to leave?
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
We don’t need words when our hearts beat together
We could listen to them softly pump our blood forever
They beat back and forth to each other in many varied pulses
And sing each other songs that come from our impulses
Our love lies with us together were we are
It could never shine brighter than it did underneath the stars
In beds under blankets or in motorcars .
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
I'm a still frame
a photograph

I am filed away
in a folder of nevers

on a list of forgotten forevers

I am not moving or breathing

And you are a film
You are changing and moving
But I just sit still
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
its gonna be a long hard day i said
but don't you worry your handsome head ­
your life has only just begun

and i know your heart is bruised
but you have to choose
your thoughts and what you think upon

just stay a little longer you'll see
ill be the breaths you cannot breathe
and don't worry your handsome head
when i'd be the one you love instead
and things will only get better with time

your heart will feel better in time
your hand would feel better in mine
you will be better in time.
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
if this were a contest
i know i would lose
and i gave up months ago
but i still have your bruise
a life without you, i'd like to know
so love just let me go

you have bruised my heart and i still feel the pain
from what part of you did i have to gain?
because i gave my all to you
and you pushed me away
so love just let me go

you didn't give me chances so there were none to take
and keep me long enough to feel my heart break
and all you've done is leave me out here in the cold
so love, just let me go

and i'm still waiting for a time when it all works out
when i find someone that doesn't make me
doubt myself
but all i know of love to date is pain
so love, please let me go
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