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Kiah Tomatz May 2013
i remember once, i saw galaxies in your eyes.
i dreamed winding rivers in your sides
and they fed the seeds that were growing in my heart

and they grew so tall that i couldn't speak anymore
they flew out of my mouth like weeds
and the planets stopped spinning for half a second
because you weren't by my side

the wind blew all the leaves off of your branches
and so i saw you as you really were

i would have watered your frail branches
but you wanted someone else to do it.
the longer you wait, the more you die (dry)
your roots are so deep into the dry ground.
the longer you stay stagnant, the more brittle you become.
i'm so scared that when you crack, i won't be there anymore.
you are breaking me with every word you say
(and with every word you leave out)
and all the while i am screaming in silent whispers: please do not forget about me.
please don't.
i could not forget about you even if i tried.

the spinning circles in my eyes had no effect on your transparent heart
as much as i wished they would have.
Kiah Tomatz May 2013
I think a lot about whether my veins
are blue
or whether
they are green

(I just want them to compliment yours)

I think a lot about the weather
And what we would be like
in a rainstorm
or on a cloudless day

I often wonder if you think
about me

but most often doubt you do

I'm the girl who has green veins
and you are the boy who has blue.

— The End —