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She's an emigre,

From the Old Country
Her side of the bed,
To a new continent,
My rising and falling chest.

With every breath,,
An oath of allegiance pledged.

This continent,
On the Planet Bed,
In the Galaxy, Our Apartment,
A speck, a neutron,
In the Universe of My Mind

Her action, precipitates a chain reaction,
And the atoms rearranged, present themselves
As first poem of the day.

Tho time doesn't exist in this space,
Einstein's theorems irrelevant, passé,
Nonetheless, a passing-by comet,
To its tail, an airplane banner affixed,
for the beach blatherers,
To read:

Son, you're late for work,
Time for you too,
To emigrate.

In a taxi
7:12 AM
 Jun 2013 Kiah Tomatz
Mae Alyson
I felt your tender touches;
So close, so near.
But I couldn't perceive them,
Clothed by fear.

You said it was for the best,
But by god it hurt.
You tried to wash me off your hands
Like I was dirt.

I guessed you had your reasons,
But you didn't have to lie.
Because I knew when you didn't kiss back,
That was our last goodbye.

 May 2013 Kiah Tomatz
Sam G Lusk
Life came,
It’s own purpose a mystery,
But I saw green leaves
And I felt the magic of soft days;
I shouted my song of happiness,
And in a sentimental movie,
I discovered my meaning.
I charged the earthquake,
Flattened the riot, plugged the volcano.
Life hung back, just out of sight,
Not caring whether my effort
Was indolent or right.

Then life confessed itself,
Dragging me through the muddy streets,
And just as I found it too much to bear,
Just as I came to know life, the predator,
And began to grieve my sentence,
Life showed me more sentimental theater
And I cried for myself,
And imagined truth and independence.
But life, incognizant, came again to the gate;
It mired me in the doorway of my opportunity,
It starved my children
And ignored my dire straits.
I was a prisoner in it.

Then I discovered life thriving
In burrowing beetles and worms,
As happy there as in me.
But I had lived out my screenplay;
I praised the author, and died earnestly.

— The End —