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May 2013
i like it when my face
is pressed up against yours
in the most unusual way
like you never kissed me before

i like when your legs cross
i like it when they don’t
i like it when you say you will
and even if you don't

i like it when you whistle
i like it when you hum
i like you when you act smart
or pretend to be dumb.

i like it when you whisper
i like it when you’re loud
i just want to be the one
you want to be around

so smile at me. smile. make my dreams come true.
i’d wish upon 1000 stars and always wish for you.

i like it when you smile
i like it when you laugh
i like when you forget the time
because you make me laugh.

i hate it when you’re quiet
i can’t handle that
you fill the empty spaces
that i never thought i had.

i like it when you touch me
i still like you if you won’t
i’d like it if you’d say you like me
even if you won’t.
Kiah Tomatz
Written by
Kiah Tomatz
     L, wounded words, --- and R
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