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Oct 2021 · 121
The Awakening
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2021
The comfort of dawn
The cupped breast
The shifts and yawns
Of ***** and breaths
The murmurs of greeting
The rise of cause
The finding of voices
The hopeful pause
The reach that eases
Wool from night
The press, the turn, the tease
Each will ignites
The give and stretch of afterwards
The glow
The easy wash of laughter
Feb 2021 · 87
Kevin J Taylor Feb 2021
Just as old souls wear new bodies
For loves both young, or old and grand
Penny, I have worn this body
And your ring has worn my hand
And as our love wears out these bodies
After we've grown old some day, and grand
I will return for you, my love,
For you, your love, your hand

— The End —