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Because if art exists
then all is life / the light
and the flower thereof
I’ve dug the garden rows. The seeds are in.
I wonder—Who will come to praise the beans?
I’ll sing loudly! And who will bring their melodies
Beside the hummingbirds and bees?

Kevin J Taylor Nov 2020
Some folks say
that other folks
get their opinions
from the media.
They can be right.

Other folks say
that some folks
get their opinions
from psychics
and mediums.
They can be right.

Some other folks
have their own minds
and use them.
Their opinions
can be right too.
Kevin J Taylor Dec 2017
You said, “I don’t.”
I said, “I do.”
You said, “I won’t.”
I did for you.
You said, “I can’t.”
I could, and did.
You said, “I need.”
I did not give.
Perhaps, when all
Is said, we fail
To understand
What love entails.
Kevin J Taylor Nov 2017
I don't care who your god is
        It's alright who your god is
I don't care how you pray
        It's alright
All I care is where my heart is
        Here. Here my heart is
What I do with it today
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017
It is hard to wash windows
with tears in my eyes
with tears in your eyes
Washing windows? Because I am a storefront window cleaner which pays the bills. We had angry words with each other the night before.
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017
Still here, my friend, not much to tell.
Winter came, wearied, went.
Spring—hurried skies, or sun or rain.
Hot summer days, hot sleepless nights.
Fall was fresher, raked what fell.
Another year. Mostly well.
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