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I been told a thousand times
that holster on my hip
ain't the only way to make a stand

then they steal (name it healing)
strip the bullets from my mind
jack me up to kick and twist

electricate both lobes until
élan succumbs to gravity
stars flicker GOD points a finger

points THAT finger says christ
not you again if I had a star
for every time... Ain't that cold
The past is where...

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She, old black crow
in a hemlock tree,
silently, considering.
Kevin J Taylor Dec 2020
Chess is philosophical in nature
And machine-like in action
And so, a philosophical machine:
A universe, a mind at play;
Each piece, mind-set.

The board itself is at least a piece—

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Kevin J Taylor Dec 2020
I love my wife
O lucky man's task
That love for love
Is all she asks

And love for love
All that she gives
O lucky man, I
My Mrs. is!
Kevin J Taylor Dec 2020
Life—creating here,
it seems for us,
just us and art, I think.

And insofar as
viewpoints of dimension—
gardens now and now again
just now of golden lights.
Kevin J Taylor Dec 2020
Life is wood
and then
the sky
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