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Kevin Eli Feb 2017
No value,
Direction, motivation, trust,
Guidance, inspiration, role models, voice, belonging,
Career, money, health, hope, encouragement,
Patience, acceptance, love, sympathy, safety, or salvation

Driven insane

Lonely mountains of sadness, anger, courage and pain
Kevin Eli Jan 2017
It's been a year since you did that
I've been trying to come back
Ignore it but you spread it and people think I'm a rat?
I asked for a bed, not for some head
Liquor still in me, now I'd rather be dead.

Your friends tell me what you think?
"She liked you, go apologize for making this stink"
But that's the funny thing.
While I'm distracted with death, your attention and ego sinks.
So the months fly past, while you cut me off at the pass,
Spread the rumors with a few drinks,
But with little-to-no class.
Sorry would've worked, but now you look like an ***.

I woke up spinning, retracing the fact
We walk downstairs past your parents,
You were hot but annoying as "**** that"
My silence was a red flag, my poetry the clap back.
You can talk all you want but God knows you ain't that.
You'd been weighed, you'd been measured,
I felt you took advantage, many agree that you have.
And the rest of you are wondering why I'm so ******* mad?

Don't tell me the fault is my own
When the first apology I owned
And the conversation's being held in my home.
When the shoes on the other, and the tables have turned,
You wouldn't be getting off,
You'd be in jail or hell getting burned.

You think you're the pentagon; fly as a **** Drone,
Bad communication, embarrassment, I know
But you plan with Folly to bomb the bridges and roads.
I don't drink in public as much, but that's partly my own.
I'm walking out, not a victim, but the wiser, stronger soul.
Unlike you, I don't have to live with that conscience or hole.
God save you and your spineless followers full of bull.

****, I hope you hear this. Round and round you'd go.
There you'd fall spiraling as I stare far down below.
Goodbye, good riddance, may God have no mercy on your soul.
If it's a girl it's called ****, but if it's a boy it gets old.
Kevin Eli Dec 2016
Put an imperfect impression on me
Kept on giving me a false reality
It was such a lonely feeling
The end of a world, came crashing down
Down, down, down, down,

Giving scars to the earth without a sound
Shaking and trembling, now I am loud
Sending prayers to the hurt
Taking shots for the crowd
The guns of Aleppo, can't be heard in U.S. towns

Copped, coined, catch-phrased and cowed.
Convinced the mass the religion is proud
It no longer safe to put your head in the sand
IED's soon to be buried, made by rebel hands,
Funded, armed and let loose by Uncle Sam.

A dollar fills a Saudi Prince pocket,
A contract to **** a million strangers
Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters
The gun barrel, the oil barrel, all for profit.
Ask yourself what can you do to stop it?
Kevin Eli Aug 2016
Under construction
In the process
Soon to be coming
In forms of citizen justice
Kevin Eli Jul 2016
Lets change this world
Let's make it better than we were left it
Let's make sure we have clean oceans and healthy land
Water in our lakes and rivers
Food in people's mouths
Olive branches in our hands.

No more wars
No more corporate overreach
No more fears of what we cannot see
No more sitting in our houses
Take back our democracy
Take to the streets
Kevin Eli Jun 2016
We can't think straight
Our stomach is in knots
We can barely eat anymore
And our love is dead

Ruthless world it is
Struggle is never ending
The rich proceed to get richer
While the poor feed on each other

I see my neighbors stop trusting
While friends and townsfolk cower
The market claims it's our own fault
When the chips were never in our favor

I want to fight a thousand people
Yet I'd only get my *** beaten
But I'm so angry at the treatment
This can't be the human condition
Kevin Eli Jun 2016
More than this world could hold
She was rough sketched perfection
A temporary rose
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