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Kendra Hall Apr 2015
I have overcome my demons,
The struggles I once faced.
I am a new person,
With thicker skin.
In time;
Words became my comfort.
The scars are just lines,
From blades in the past.
Kendra Hall Mar 2014
I guess it goes to show,
There is a light.
I went away.
Not physically.
I needed to help myself,
I did.
I've been long gone.
So tell me what to do.
How have I lived?
I haven't hurt in months.
Yet I want too.
Kendra Hall Nov 2013
Watching myself,
I laugh, but feel nothing.
I smile, but it doesn't meet my eyes.
I cry, and everything comes out.

Watching you,
You laugh at my pain.
You smile at my suffering.
You cry at my death.

Watching everyone,
Laugh at the girl who died.
Smile at her pictures.
Cry at her stone.
I'm really not a fan of this poem. I'm kind of just putting rough drafts up here for a bit.
Kendra Hall Nov 2013
How can I recover?
I just can't.
I need my blades,
***** five months.
I am a failure,
In everyone's eyes.
Kendra Hall Sep 2013
You controlled me,
For at least eight months.
You made my life hell,
When everyone was trying to fix it.
I blamed myself,
Hell, I still do.
You are a psychopath,
I tried to fix you.
Obviously I couldn't,
Now I live with this Anxiety.
I live in constant fear.
I never thought someone,
Would do this.
Someone would treat me so bad.
You're just like my father.
I guess I couldn't help you.
I should have helped myself first.
Kendra Hall Sep 2013
I'm alive
I'm recovering.
But I am.
I am winning,
The battle I've fought.
It's been a long time.
I will win.
Through the shakes,
The mood swings,
Kendra Hall Jul 2013
I feel dead,
Not dead, dead.
Just dead.

It's been one month,
Three weeks,
Six days.
1,392 hours,
Where I haven't been alive.

It's like ****,
Like a cigarette,
Even alcohol.
There's a rush,
Then there's the numb feeling,
Then blood.

I miss it ******.
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