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Somebody hold me
let me know you are there
let me know that you care
tell me it will be alright
when I am scared

Somebody touch me
through the lonely night
shine on me your light
through all I feared
reach out and hold my hand
try and make me understand

Somebody feel me
let me know I'm your man
take my heart if you can
and by me forever stand
open my soul to see
what you want me to be

Somebody somewhere
take me from here
give me a reason to stay
when you hold me tight
and show me the way

Somebody love me
and set me free
from my tears of misery
never let me go
and let your love show
take my breath away
give me what I don't know
Spiritwind ©2016
The seasons seem to change
but love for you stays the same
time passes and seems to rearrange
the dreams that only washed away
all the loneliness of my yesterday
still my heart burns a flame
for the touch of your desire
that burns inside a souls fire
and through the night silenced
I could feel you as we danced
underneath a moonlight's memory
where it was always you and me
Spiritwind ©2016
Could you be with a man like me
with only just my love to give
would you hold on to my kiss
with the sweet of your tenderness
if all I had was one last breath
just to make you live
could you find yourself in fields of love free
running happy and wild with me
to Oceans of forevermore
where the sky meets the Milky Way
would you love me like no one before
even past eternities death
would loves flame forever burn
in paradise of Heavens serenity
would our love forever remain and stay
Spiritwind ©2016
All the moments that we shared
all the hopes of you I had
all the feelings that showed I cared
would bring me only days of sad
if you left and said goodbye

Without you days I would miss
the sweetness of your kiss
the touch of your caress
everything about you I would wish
with a falling star from the sky

Dreams that came alive inside
this love that I can't hide
needing you here by my side
you're all I can think of
with this heart it's you I love

You came along
and poured in my soul a song
now I don't know if I'm strong
to watch you go and leave
with this heart I came to believe
you would forever be with me

Through the falling rain
you made my soul shine
gave me a reason to see
through all the pain
and with this heart you gave to me
a love forever in time
Spiritwind ©2016
I wanted love and needed you
someone to help me make it through
to take away my loneliness
but you were just a dream in my reality
that I couldn't have or hold
you were never there waiting for me

I stood in the rains pouring cold
standing alone in the darkness
watching you just walk away
as I tried to find the words to say
just to make you want to stay
but there was nothing that I could do

I cried through the sadness
as you were just shadows on my wall
through the silence of it all
you could never hear me call
as I went on standing alone
with a heart turned to stone
filled with an emptiness
that will forever be my own
Spiritwind ©2016
Let me lay you down softly
in Rose's made of red
give to me all your love tonight
let me lay you in our bed
touch me with your lips tenderly
let me feel you deep from within
hold on to me and never let go
let me feel the softness of your skin
as our bodies both entwine
give all you have to me
and make love through the night
let me be yours and you mine
and let this love of ours show
forever through time
Spiritwind ©2016
Do you think loves just a game
when you hear in silence my name
when your heart burns with desire
am I the one who lights your fire
when we make love that burns a flame
will you always feel the same
when your dreams become a reality
will I be the one you will forever see
when a fairytale is no longer a fantasy
will I be your hero that you kiss
would you be able to promise me this
with my love would you always know
through a Heaven that will always show
would you take my hand and always be
the one to always stand by me
Spiritwind ©2016
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