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Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Partisans of liberty a patriots act,
A neutralized citizen,
Vision of freedoms enslaved in flames.
Holding flesh in your hands and guilt written all over your face.
Swallowing the taste of nostalgia,
Looking down the road to ruin,
****** freedom must be fought for.
A beast rises inside as i claim my destiny.
There is a force that cannot be stopped,
That inner voice, that solid core,
Social justice of the people reaching out.

Written 7th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Behold the raven black, they beholden the shadows.
See the dead man's fall,
Hear the raven's call.
Fixed upon me was the raven's eye,
The studied subject was I.
Rippling reflections, Sinking fathoms,
Into the mirror of my soul.
Infinite peering into my mortality,
The raven black, shining, naked,
Waiting to touch my time.
Carrier of souls is the raven,
They collect the honored dead.
Black winged angels are the ravens,
For all the pain i carry shall shatter and burn within.

Written 6th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
Fire rainbow blazes into life.
The colours sparkle like a prism,
Light in the horizon pulses through.
Glorious colours dancing like fire in the sky.
Bands of colours wouldn’t be if the soul, would cry no tears.
Colours overlapping forming a
Beautiful cascade,
Light to,
A flash of light a part of nature blazes red.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow dance in my mind,
Where I
No pain.
I feel the warmth of the fire rainbow against my face,
And breathe in its beauty.

Written 30th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
Time and dreams will drift away like leaves on water.
Too many times we do what we ought.
Time passes on, people pass on.

At the drop of a tear. they're gone.
Love whilst we are here, before time passes on.

Memories we keep to remember times gone by,
To look to the past, for this journey that we all must take,
And each must go alone.

Why cry for a soul set free?
Love never dies it is eternal, it just passes on.

Written 16th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara

Dedicated to the memory of joan hope
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
The art of the heart is written in stages,
It flows through the hills, will be found in paintings,
It is written in books.
Art of the heart come out in music it blows like wind across a beach.
Dare to listen to that whisper of inspiration,
Breath in the essence of creativity.
Touch your soul with your own art of the heart

Written 14th August 2014
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
They say a picture can paint a thousand words,
But those are just painted words.
To grasp the power of a poets words,
For other souls to behold,
Inscribe it on a parchment page.
Bring rainbow colors into one's life,
Bring shining light to painted words,
Painted words are window to the soul,
When placed upon a paper's sheen, they come alive.
The joy of love, the pain of loss, do dwell within an inkwell's gloss,
For those are also painted words.
A poem is made of words you sift,
Ethereal sands, a treasured gift.
So don't forget those painted words,
For they may be more precious than you know.

Written 5th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Jul 2014
I am the poet of which they speak,
I haven't written in over a week.
Maybe i have poet's block.
Maybe i should give my fingers the chop.
Maybe my brain is tired or is it my pen?,
Maybe my poet's creativity has left my head.
But creativity never dies it just goes on and on like an infinite circle.
Stories and poems are each the different musings for,
Different poet's for different reasons.

Written 22nd July 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
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