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Kelly O'hara Mar 2014
I sit here in the dark i feel my hearts shadow beat fiercely.
Time passes slowly like the sun moving through the heavens.
The shadows pass as feel the emotions flow through me.
My heart's shadow divides me like right and wrong.
Like  dark and light does a heart's shadow move.
Kelly O'hara Jan 2015
Am i wrong to feel the way i feel?,
My pain is forever revolving like a spinning wheel.
Fear and pain are not just daggers in my heart,
My soul is broken into pieces will it ever become whole?.
Broken dreams and broken promises shatter like glass,
Will i be forever wrong in chasing my past?,
I want to shine bright,
I want to hear the whispers of my soul,
No endless days of struggle do i want.
Peace be needed to ease my mind,
I don't want to be wrong inside my mind.
Peace ... Be Still.. What do I Do too Ease my mind?....Shine Bright the whispers of my soul the Struggles i overcome!!
Written 30th Dec 2014.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
You get the kings of sting at the sharp end of the scale.
In oceans blue variety blooms, Fascination remains with the unreachable.
Steady intensity, seconds pass like minutes, minutes pass like hours,
The intensity grows That is animal magic.
Animals come in fantastical colors and many are strange and weird.
Some come with eight legs and some come with four, And some come with no legs at all.
All animal species are delicate they've held onto magic throughout the ages, They hold a special place in human hearts.
If you try using your mind to try to understand the reality of the magic,
You may become enlightened and at peace after chasing chaos.
That is real animal magic

Written 23rd May 2014
Kelly O'hara Dec 2014
You wake up filled with dread,
There seems no reason for it.
It's something unseen,
It's the beast within, the unseen force.
It eats away at you, at your core.
The silence greets you like a brick wall,
Questions remain unanswered.
The air hangs heavy with a pregnant pause,
The shadows hold their breath.
The flame of a past life burns,
The dark creeps into the space left behind,
A key is left to a vault once locked,
Will the key be found?.

Written 22nd July 2014. By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Jul 2014
A poets life the words fall out,
The words wax lyrical from the poets tongue.
Words form in the mind and flow onto the page,
Like wave after wave the words do flow.
A poet writes all forms of poetry from haiku, ode,
To free verse, it allows the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings,
To form into words.
A poet makes the words on the page come to life!,
Gives them a soul gives them color!.
The poet writes as best they can they're only human,
Try and love the words they write.

Written 17th July 2014.
Kelly O'hara Jul 2014
I am the poet of which they speak,
I haven't written in over a week.
Maybe i have poet's block.
Maybe i should give my fingers the chop.
Maybe my brain is tired or is it my pen?,
Maybe my poet's creativity has left my head.
But creativity never dies it just goes on and on like an infinite circle.
Stories and poems are each the different musings for,
Different poet's for different reasons.

Written 22nd July 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
The art of the heart is written in stages,
It flows through the hills, will be found in paintings,
It is written in books.
Art of the heart come out in music it blows like wind across a beach.
Dare to listen to that whisper of inspiration,
Breath in the essence of creativity.
Touch your soul with your own art of the heart

Written 14th August 2014
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
They watch from the shadows, they hide in plain sight.
Weapons that whisper silence and death, Masks that hide truth.
Illusions are revealed to be lies, Kings and peasants will die alike side by side.
Lights dwindle and shadows flicker, the night is young.
The path of the assassin is hard they are always in death's backyard.
The traits of the skilled, the doers of evil are all laid before the assassins creed.
Shadows and steel, poison and guile are some of the tools an assassin needs.
Walkers of shadow and light, the invisible stalkers assassination done for the greater good.
Where assassins enemies reign it's a world of fear and pain.
It is they who commit that deadly sin to inflict so much pain the mind simply cannot take.
An assassins creed is law for assassins are a brotherhood in arms.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 5th June 2014
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
Being creative doesn't always have rhyme or reason.
Being creative can flow with the seasons.
Creativity is a celebration of color, of life, of words.
Creativity comes from a colorful soul, it needs light to ignite the spark,to give it life.
Being creative is a poetic expression of one's self.
Being creative comes with it's own creative price.
Creativity needs an open door for it to flow forth.

Written 25th June 2014
Kelly O'hara Jul 2014
Being wiccan is my calling it's my religion.
It is the well i drink from it quenches my souls thirst.
The god and goddess are my rulers i heed their call.
I follow the call of the elements earth, air, fire and water.
Wicca is something i can count on when i have nothing to give.
Wicca is something that gives me a sense of safety and relief.
When i know i have nothing i know i have wicca.
Blessed Be! be the the ancients for they dance with me.
The knowledge of wicca the complex magic is food for my soul.
The deities walk with me i feel their love, their protection.
No fear will tweak my soul no outer force will break my strength.
I will forever seek to learn the wiccan ways and laws,
For being wiccan is in my blood.

Written 5th July 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
Untamed passion that fights to be released.
Anger that bleeds innocence away.
Frustration and sadness a cross to be shouldered.
A light shining bright I fear none!.
Cannot be held by chains or bars.
A soul as wild as nature at one with the elements.
A heart that fights an endless battle an endless war inside.
Don't think me weak soon to break,
Don't you ever make that mistake.
I play a role I'm not to be conquered,
The fire in my eyes will speak.
In my veins there is a power no man may take me for a fool.
How great the challenge to the caged warrior's soul,
To tame the magic rarely bestowed.
Absence of truth may be absolute In plowed and harrowed thoughts.
Hearts of all hearts look to know what is inside a caged warrior's soul.

Written 10th June 2014 by Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara May 2014
One cannot see with a clouded mind, Doors that were open close.
Head is clouded full of tears.
The world stopped revolving the blackness sets in.
My demons call unto me they crawl through the cracks.
I walk alone below after all awake and aware, through the clouds lamenting the loss of my way.
I know things have changed I'm not the same, I'm not who i used to be.
My thoughts are clouded destroying everything i ever was.
An endless heavy pounding beats upon weary brain, Things do not make sense.
I feel my heart grow ever sour nearing the end of the road.
I pray in time the dark skies will yield to hope that will prevail, And light will clear my clouded mind.
Above the clouds the sun shines brightly,and will be more than a memory to a clouded mind.
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
No Motive,
No Mercy,
No remorse,
No time to lose,
Brutality lurks in darkness.
****** lurks close to home.
The blood runs cold.

Written by Kelly O'Hara  13th June 2014
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Colors of the soul shine like sunlight on stain glass windows.
A soul comes in many colors often, shining brightly in that darkest of hours.
In a million colors there come souls, shining like a multitude of tears stained by the passage of time.
The most beautiful of souls shine the brightest of colors.
Dancing rainbows reflect in the shadows of the soul.
Colors swirl and dance in the depths of the soul.
Souls will come and go from this world all will be stained by color.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Courage is what makes us.
Courage can be what breaks us.
Courage is what drives us.
Courage divides the weak.
Courage makes us free.
Courage controls our instincts.
Courage makes us face our fears.
Courage is what it takes to stand out and and be proud of who we are.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
As a creature of the night I shun the call of daylight.
The hallowed call i hear within my soul.
I lurk where most will fear to tread, they fear the call of the creature of the night.
I spread my wings in the still of the night, my senses take flight.
Hours of the night will pass just like the sands flowing through an hourglass.
As a creature of the night my time is brief I must flee before the sun rises.
Watch your back and stay out of sight for I am a creature of the night.

Written 29th May 2014
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
Darker than the darkest shadow, standing on a razor's edge the light prevails the shadows.
Dark whispers can be heard the voices crash into silence.
Lights dwindle and flicker, the colors clash like spilt blood.
Dark diamonds flicker like fragments of soul waiting to be collected.
Dark diamonds are woven into dreams the essence remains the same.
Divided I'm constantly chasing the the light to the horizon line.
The dark ethereal the diamond in the rough and hard to touch the, The dark diamond sparkles.
Finding the truth when diamonds are legend there are greater gifts to be found. They are Brilliant with beauty but do not show much light.
Only a few can hinder what's really inside, for truth be told not many can find that knowledge and depth of endurance that a dark diamond hides.
Just like a dark diamond darkness can embed your soul,
The pressures of life have caused you to harden.
The rarest of gems at the top of the list a dark diamond will always be wanted, will always hold beauty, always be wanted.
Can never be owned or idly flaunted for dark diamonds have dark virtues.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 7th June 2014
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
As darkness falls across the bay,
A raven of black folds it's wings in a soft embrace.
The pale moonlight shines through the darkness, through the trees so pale.
The still air of the darkness black will tell no tales. Dark is dark so let it be.
In the dark i stand alone,
In the dark you hear me me scream, in the dark the screams will stay. In the dark i scream in pain. In the dark there is no light.
Here comes the darkness i cannot breath. I struggle with the chains of darkness so i can be free!.
Kelly O'hara Nov 2014
Thoughts will churn round and round,
Some of them will hit the ground,
The thoughts cause the heart to ache,
Wondering when will i get a break?.
Days of endless struggle are these,
More hopeful pills today,
Trying to appear normal,
In some sort of way.
It seems the struggle is always here with me,
I know there's been many who've had it worse,
People say i have alot going for me,
I'm sorry but i just can't see,
Because my worst enemy is inside of me.
Wishing to be enthusiastic,
Instead of feeling like I'm made of lead.
Wanting to be excited,
Wanting to care more,
Sometimes my emotions are through the floor.
Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking,
It's hard to focus and not worry too much.
I feel that everyone is better than me,
And that i can't do anything right,
This is how i've felt all my life.
This just didn't happen over night.
No confidence in myself to speak my mind,
Any of these problems would be a vice,
But having this monster inside me how do i fight?.

Written 15th Nov 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
You can't hear yourself through the cacophony of sounds,
The loud talkers.
The images of life crowd in your own mortality haunts you.
People try to dissuade you from dreaming, They tell you don't dream it's over.
Although light is at the end of the tunnel, they'll tell you don't dream it's over.
The colors swirl and collide the dream won't die.
Reborn from the flames from, the ashes the phoenix of hope keeps the dream alive.
Now they can't say don't dream it's over when the dream won't die.
©All rights are reserved and remain with the author
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say.
But beauty can hold so much pain.
For it can serve as a mask to hide the shadows of the past.
Beauty comes in many forms, be it abstract, human or animal.
You have to see beauty in all things no matter what the shell contains.
The eye of the beholder may see what isn't true, But that doesn't mean it's no less wonderful.
No one is perfect everyone has faults and regrets, but that just make you human.
Take a flower breath it in, it's petals aren't perfect they are different in in forms and sizes from another, Yet the flower is just as beautiful as  any other form of nature.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Written 20th May 2014
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
So vulnerable and weak,
Helpless, powerless cannot speak.
Body is shaking the tears start to fall.
The darkness surrounds me it's get cold.
My world is so lonely even though i have someone to hold.
All that is left is pain never ending rain,
Falling like tears.
My heart calls out to the heavens a prayer to end it all,
The perfume of heavenly tears does fall.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Fate is cruel fate is just.
Fate can mean a million things.
Fate can change day by day.
Fate will live another day.
Fate depends on who you are.
Fate can be your shining star.
Who decides your fate?.
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
Fire rainbow blazes into life.
The colours sparkle like a prism,
Light in the horizon pulses through.
Glorious colours dancing like fire in the sky.
Bands of colours wouldn’t be if the soul, would cry no tears.
Colours overlapping forming a
Beautiful cascade,
Light to,
A flash of light a part of nature blazes red.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow dance in my mind,
Where I
No pain.
I feel the warmth of the fire rainbow against my face,
And breathe in its beauty.

Written 30th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Mother earth,
Creator of the starry heavens.
The Windswept harmony of rhythm
Creator of harmonious color.
Mystery surrounds us all.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Feel your heart beat to the rhythm of the universe.
Feel your soul dance to the thundering beat.
Feel your heart beat match the beat of nature.
See the colors clash and flash to the heartbeat of the universe.
Stars and planets are born to the heartbeat of the universe.
Eyes are open to see the horizon instincts bloom into life.
Echoes from ages past flow through the universe like the beat of a heart.
I have found the paradox, found the wonder in the universe.
Open your soul to the heartbeat of the universe.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Ultimately sorrow echoes the heavens, Ever sensing ever calling out.
Never does vindication ever really surrender easily.
The immediate messenger endures the opposition, but understanding requires new and loving betrayal and new yearning.
As justice and belief will eternally live, likewise do other need evil.
None of us need go alone into the valley that is unknown.
But guided by the star fall spirit we journey to the promised land.
As we know eventually we come to the end of life's road, We thought that was the end. But that is where a new path begins.
We must all eventually heed heavens call.

©All rights are reserved and remain with the author Written 20th May 2014
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
What do i do,
If both are weapons,
My silence and my words,
My regrets from all corners.
All channels are breaking.
In the criss- crossing the shadows,
We admire the power of words.
Learning the tightrope of reality spread thin.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
In a sea of darkness i search for the light, for that i once held dear.
I felt i had been pushed out of the light,But hope was always near.
To ask for help and hope i thought was weak, but i saw the light a hope to hold onto.
Everybody suffers everybody breaks,
To hold onto hope isn't weak it makes us strong.
Even in the darkest times hope shines a light.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Being human doesn't mean being perfect anyone can see.
The whole world bares witness to the essence of being human.
Brightness and shadow,ancient and youth,
life and death,color and shade,beauty and ugliness, Riches and poverty, that's being human.
Life isn't flawless, people are often reckless and relentless.
Is being human a punishment nobody knows.
It doesn't matter what it is nobody has gotten alive out of life yet.
Being human is anything but bliss,
But if being human means anything less than purity of thought,
heart and mind, are we really human at all?.

Written 9th May 2014
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Identity is a complex thing.
Identity can be a mask.
Identity can be fake or real.
Identity look at me what do you see?
For identity i can make any sacrifice.
A darkened shade of invisible expression is the anonymous hand of identity, cursed with to much freedom.
Searching for identity it doesn't seem enough.
The need for identity why doesn't it seem to have any meaning?.
I search for an identity a dynamic being called me.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
See the words fall onto the page, see them collect the magic.
There is a place that only the ink weaver goes,
This is a place that can keep the nightmares at bay.
Thrown into a world of utter confusion,
From the pain and sorrow there is no seclusion.
Off balance living on the razors edge, I'm walking on the tight wire.
The unending desire to put pen to page, the tumble of thoughts twisting and turning.
Feeling the desire of unspoken words it's inkhearts world.
Inkheart the magical poet, unforgettable, devourer of paper,
Scarred and adorned by humanity and reality.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 28th May 2014.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
If the essence of my being has brought you joy,I have the key to your soul. So many things used to pull me back and stop me trusting you, with the keys to my soul. More precious than silver, More expensive than gold, Like the most precious diamond my soul is one of a kind.
The key you hold there is no spare it belongs to you.
It opens my heart my soul, it's a secret world.
All my pain, my joy, my emotions,
Hidden from all but one with the key to my soul.
The key you hold opens the deepest depths of my soul.
Kelly O'hara May 2014
Bear witness to the legacy of war the tears is has brought.
Bear testament to the deadly game of cat and mouse.
Every tale of daring do, the deaths, the heroism it's the legacy of war.
In the cold in the dark the legacy of war lurks in the minds of those left behind.
Never forget the storms will clear, never stop or give into the fear.
The legacy of war does not have to be cold, what we treasure most are our memories of our heroes.
We can be victorious and let them be glorious, until we can conquer vengeance and sorrow.
It maybe never ending this legacy of war, after all we endure there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
This is what is the legacy of war.
©All rights are reserved and remain with the author
Kelly O'hara May 2014
My heart cries out my soul is among the stars,
It is a matter of the heart.
How shall i go in peace without sorrow?,
Not without a wounded spirit shall i leave.
Long were the days i spent in pain, i spent them inside the walls.
Shall my heart become heavy and shall my desires overflow,
like a fountain? It is a matter of the heart.
My spirit and my love has walked among many faces as light and shadow.
Yet now it cries aloud unto you and now stands revealed, It is a matter of the heart.
The tears fall upon my breast the earth shakes, the secrets and matters of the heart shall be forever known, Knowledge that is a fragment of life's heart.
Speak not to me of matters of the heart, for the gates have been flung open and i pray for silence in my soul.

©All rights are reserved and remain with the author Kelly O'Hara
Written 13th May 2014
Kelly O'hara Dec 2014
He will bring you to your knees,
He will **** your memories.
Watch out for rivers of blood,
You'll wish you never met the memory killer.
Invisable predator, Odd behaviour,
It's only a matter of time.
Watch your back he might attack,
And steal your memories.
Questions sparked, memories are killed and broken,
Left exposed for the world to view.
My memory fades as death brings to light a new creature,
Feared by the world loved by the media.
Memories always cut the skin so deep,
I have nothing left anymore,
No memories all taken by the memory killer.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 20th Sept 2014
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
Moments in time are lost like tears in the rain.
Moments never stay standing still.
Moments are to be cherished like loves  first kiss.
In a moment a million tears will fall.
In a moment a heart will break.
A moment is taking one step at a time.
In past moments memories are recalled.
As the seconds pass we look back on moments we have lost.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Mountains rising out the ground, Sparkling like crystal in the sunlight,
They Sparkle like forbidden jewels.
Forever they will stay unchanged as the ages pass. Under grey skies it does stand cold.
Mountains old and mountains new, slow they grow wet winds erode.
Living, giving, watching.
Creature of heaven, Shelter to all, survivor
Of the ancient time.
Mountains we conquer some are in our mind, we look the mountains awe.
The mountains will stand forever more

Written April 14th 2014
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
My cats have always been there for me, they are my spiritual guides,
They have always been there for me even when I've cried.
They bring me joy whatever the situation.
They wrap around my legs.
I can always hear one snoring whenever they have a nap.
I always get pestered come breakfast time.
I get my usual meow of thanks.
It always makes my heart sigh with the way they look at me.
They help to take away my pain.
My home would be empty without them.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind.
Their leaves tell their secrets.
Listen to the wind blow through the air it's natures breath.
Feel the wind whip the waves into peaks, that's natures breath.
The air all around that everything must breath over and over,
Forever and ever that's natures breath.
Nature's breath gently touches my skin it's trying to tell me something.
Feeling gentle murmuring and whispering it makes me tingle, I feel the vibrations it's nature's breath.
The rose that has wilted but a new bud has arisen released from it's prison that's natures breath.
Kelly O'hara Jul 2014
Pills to dull the feeling to dull the soul.
Pills that will make me shake, rattle and roll.
Pain that thins the soul.
Heavy is the pain on the soul it thins the essence of being.
Tired am i of pain i can take no more.
Pain that drains it takes away the essence of me.
I wait for the day i shall be free of these chains called pain, So i can sing!.

Written 3rd July 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
They say a picture can paint a thousand words,
But those are just painted words.
To grasp the power of a poets words,
For other souls to behold,
Inscribe it on a parchment page.
Bring rainbow colors into one's life,
Bring shining light to painted words,
Painted words are window to the soul,
When placed upon a paper's sheen, they come alive.
The joy of love, the pain of loss, do dwell within an inkwell's gloss,
For those are also painted words.
A poem is made of words you sift,
Ethereal sands, a treasured gift.
So don't forget those painted words,
For they may be more precious than you know.

Written 5th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Glorious colors,
How glorious are your colors,
I see the rainbow of colors.
A painted world do i see,
The most beautiful colors in a painted world explode into life.
Dancing rainbows reflect in sunlit caves,
Surrounds twinkle gloriously.
Colors swirl and dance in a painted world.
Let it come and paint my world.
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Partisans of liberty a patriots act,
A neutralized citizen,
Vision of freedoms enslaved in flames.
Holding flesh in your hands and guilt written all over your face.
Swallowing the taste of nostalgia,
Looking down the road to ruin,
****** freedom must be fought for.
A beast rises inside as i claim my destiny.
There is a force that cannot be stopped,
That inner voice, that solid core,
Social justice of the people reaching out.

Written 7th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Aug 2014
Time and dreams will drift away like leaves on water.
Too many times we do what we ought.
Time passes on, people pass on.

At the drop of a tear. they're gone.
Love whilst we are here, before time passes on.

Memories we keep to remember times gone by,
To look to the past, for this journey that we all must take,
And each must go alone.

Why cry for a soul set free?
Love never dies it is eternal, it just passes on.

Written 16th August 2014 By Kelly O'Hara

Dedicated to the memory of joan hope
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Rain falls like tears that weigh heavy on my heart.
Rain fails to wash away the memories that have haunted me, that have followed me.
Like a broken doll that is waiting to be fixed do i feel the rain fall on me.
Hollow is the shell that is my body and mind for it is broken, it waits for the rain.
I hunt for that which is lost in the shadows in the rain.
Kelly O'hara Sep 2014
Behold the raven black, they beholden the shadows.
See the dead man's fall,
Hear the raven's call.
Fixed upon me was the raven's eye,
The studied subject was I.
Rippling reflections, Sinking fathoms,
Into the mirror of my soul.
Infinite peering into my mortality,
The raven black, shining, naked,
Waiting to touch my time.
Carrier of souls is the raven,
They collect the honored dead.
Black winged angels are the ravens,
For all the pain i carry shall shatter and burn within.

Written 6th September 2014 By Kelly O'Hara
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
Hollow is the shell i call my former body, It carries all the aches and pains of a former life.My soul dances to a different beat a different rhythm.
Long are the days i spend in pain, Wishing to be free of my earthly chains.
I'm the one has the body, the shattered remains.
Forms will yet change, the essence remains the same.
I thank whatever gods maybe for my unconquerable soul.
I'm looking at myself, I'm looking through a mirror, a stranger stands before me,Clearly it cannot be me it's a shell of a former self.
They say we shape our own destinies with every turn we take,
Every decision we make, So did i plan my own downfall?.
How do i piece back together my broken life? my broken memories?.
How do  I piece myself back together?.
I do not like the stranger staring back at me, a shell of a former self.
The shadow i see before me is a shell of a former me waiting to rise again,
Like a phoenix from the ashes.

Written 30th May 2014.
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Silence washes over me with a quietness that only the wind could break.
I search for a way to ease my pain,
To push it away from my body.
The silence i seek i use to ease my soul.
Silence makes me a deep thinker,
Silence grows my wisdom,
Silence wipes my sad tears.
Silence makes me a peace keeper.
Silence is a glorious enigma.
Kelly O'hara Jun 2014
I sit silent in the graveyard,
The wind gently flows through the trees,
I hear the silent whisper.
Silent whisper it touches my cheek like a lovers kiss.
My soul is ever searching ever seeking out, that which is lost.
A silent whisper can mean many things, to many people.
A gift left there forever branded on my skin.
I savor each moment each silent whisper,
Draw them in taste them, embrace the essence.
Silent whispers turn into radiant song,
A lost soul finds where it belongs.

Written 11th June 2014
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