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Keith Wilson Nov 2020
After going to the store for some greens
I took a walk up Farlton Knot
I needed a guide
The sky was was  a bright red flame colour
Probably some rain on the way
I didn’t stay long
I came down
and made my way home
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
Dark days, it’s never light
I have the lights on all day
Night is starting to close in at four pm
At least it’s a quiet time of year
Nothing is stirring
Typical November
No sun, no moon, no stars
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
I stood on the steps of our mansion
Hazel was busy doing the garden
She found a bird’s nest in the bushes
She finished folding the groundsheet
which was a relief to one and all
Keith Wilson Nov 2020
I was stood by the window
feeling very brave at the fireworks
when  a flare etched into the stonework
close to the cinnamon ***
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
Every line of this artful picture
showing smoke
rising from the floor
stealing to the surface
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
I went to the bank
It was misty and raining
I arrived
needing some money
I had forgotten my pin number
probably stemming from the lockdown
Eventually I got it right
took my money
and went home
Keith Wilson Oct 2020
I tossed a silver coin
which spilled across the floor
into the speck of dust
I told my lover
it was over
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