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Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
Goodbye hello poetry. It was nice knowing you, and you've helped me through a lot of tough times. Unfortunately, you're starting to cause me more problems. I'll miss you.
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
You don't deserve me, as a friend.
All I ever do is hurt.
I hurt you; I hurt me.
I am constantly empty;
constantly broken.
You deserve better than that.
Someone whole,
who you can laugh with;
smile with;
dream with.
Someone who hasn't been to battle with the world.
You don't deserve me.
You deserve so much more.
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
It's funny how just the sound of your laughter,
can start the biggest fire within my heart.
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
I'm sorry for the way that I am;
For all of my flaws, all of my insecurities.
I'm sorry for the way that I am;
The way I gravitate towards you,
the way I light up when I see you.
I'm sorry for the smile that plasters across my face
when you tell a story.
For the way I think about you always,
writing thousands of words to try to describe you.
For how I instantly miss you,
craving your voice,
craving your warmth.
I'm sorry that I constantly sing
the notes of your name.
I wish you could hear the melodies I can create.
I'm sorry for always trying to be happy,
but failing regularly.
I'm sorry for being kind,
caring too much,
and hoping for a better tomorrow.
I'm sorry for being jealous.
For all the times I was too protective,
for the times I watched you cry and didn't grab your hand;
For the long letters I've written you,
the pictures I was too shy to take,
and for losing who you used to be.
I'm sorry for not being enough for you.
For being so dark, such a tortured soul.
For the scars on my wrist,
the imperfection of my body,
the half hearted smile.
For letting myself care too much.
I'm so sorry;
So sorry, for the way that I am.
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
Sometimes, when I watch you fall asleep; and you bring your hands close to your chest and tuck your head towards your shoulder..

                  I just want to have you hold me.

Not for any reason other than I feel so vulnerable all of the time. For once, I just want to feel so safe, be so warm. I just want to let go of everything else and hold onto you.

                  *I just want to have you hold me.
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
Do you ever write about me?
Kaylin Martin Jan 2013
I don't think it's your fault
                         that you don't know how to help me.

I don't think it's your fault
                         that I feel like you are


                                                             ­                    me

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