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Neon stripes and wide marble eyes
****! the walls turn to fractals and got me ****** hypnotized.
My step syncopates to neuron transfers and heartbeat
I can feel the grass alive beneath my two right feet
Even light wants to follow my hand
You feel comfortable in your insignificance as you take 100 foot strides in playground sand
Heavy man you're breathing liquid air
Drowning in beauty so elusive for a taste of what it's truly like to have the wind dance in your hair.
You: have the wounds everyone wants to kiss and love
You: recognize you're only important if you're pretty, dead, and or just so happen to " beautifully "  borderline either at any given time.
you :let people satiate their misplaced guilt and empathy.
let them coin you a case of charity,
a stigmata *******,
Is it building or belittling to be someones muse?...
If your only inspirational because you're looked upon as broken or used?
Mamma poppy don't treat me the way she used to, no she doesn't even listen
It's frightening how my eyes light up to this tin-foil glisten.
Take me in your arms or better yours in mine.
A new way to feel momma's old touch &
Transcend these blackhole times
Black tar sublime
I'm finitely fine
I'll unlatch from this hook and swim from the line
I'm just waiting for clearer water
Where i can define myself as more than a junkies daughter
I'm finitely fine
Someone please give me their touch because all I ever do is destroy with mine
He said he'll love me more than ' H '.
Yet all three of us show up on most dates.
The sparkle in his eyes is stronger for caps than for me.
But this isn't jealousy.
It's communism,
because the bounty is split.
More split than personality changes in nighttime and crossed legs from hips.
What do you do when you dig someone who doesn't dig you as deep? What do you do when the old habits of yours begin to wake from their sleep?
He tastes like the sky, looks like rain,
But i'm just a puddle he's having a good time dancing in,
and his footprint feels more like a beauty mark than a stain burnt in scarred skin.
Up there a mountain rises
Down there an ocean divided
A stranger with a head full of lead
Photographs me and leads me to bed
Steel bars and a doctor's note
"Don't give up"
They can plead and beg but don't let them fix your head,
Can you feel the redness in your throat?
Outside a path to knowledge
Inside a waste of cells
A serpent with a mobile phone
Sweet talks me from oblivion to hell
So you wanted to see how long I could last?
Laid crimson coloured claims to a suppressed and ****** past?
You can pretend that I don't exist for you anymore while I try to mentally re-paint the echoing halls
I too got lost in the fun of exploration
and mystery of epic falls
then buzzard flew to a mousy haired girl
bones picked
flesh stripped
raw and unfurled
But I'd like to lay claims to being able to laugh about it now.
Lunatics often find humour in the ****** up, and humbly accept fate with a bow
But I ******* hated every minute I waited for your texts.
and each day that you 'forgot' to call
Left riddled and perplexed.
Traced fingers on the ticked trigger of a tactile gun
cynical sensations and sinful temptation
Once more,
used up and done
You made me feel so low.
build me up
To let me go
touch the voices that are constantly screaming negativity and have proclivity of placing worthlessness within you

touch them kindly with poison vials of opposition
Heavily pet them with your cyanide spouts of self-preservation

lose in the end

because you can't win when you fight yourself
lose in the end, when you realize
that killing the monster in your head is catch-22 and your will to live is a conundrum wrapped in a drug-induced toxic brew
but hey
I guess this means you're still alive

" ****!!! not another morning, not another day"
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