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Kayla Mar 2017
here we used to play,
up and down along the hay.
hide and seek, fear factor too.
now just memories of blue.

because we are all grown up
some with little families,
others with a cat and a pup,
the rest with piles of school fees.

of course they all feel content
and probably cannot remember
just how much it meant
to us to be amongst the timber
before the stress of paying rent.

so now I gaze at the fallen barn,
that is missing a bit of its charm,
the skeletal slats sticking up
like broken bones capable of harm.
Kayla Jan 2017
i had you in my grasp,
my breathing so careful
afraid to let you know
how hard it was to keep
my heart from beating
so hard, so fast.

i didn’t even notice
when you started slipping
from my hands until
they were empty; and
i realized i never
really had you.
Kayla Oct 2016
so many thoughts were
racing through his mind
when his eyes met hers.
green. jewels. she was
sitting underneath a
tree, the leaves a pretty
golden color. in her soft
hands was a single red
leaf. she twirled it ‘round.
it was the red of her cheeks.

she wore a white cotton
dress and brown hat; her
hair thick and messy. his
burning cigarette still
between his fingers, like
in a trance, he approached
her cross-legged figure, the
yellow above her like a halo.
he thought her an angel
and his heart leapt.
Kayla Oct 2016
the air was cool, relaxing,
when he captured her
attention. he was leaning
against a pillar, long hair
pulled back into a thick
ponytail. his denim jacket
had a patch on left side,
right above the pocket.
one earbud in, the other
was just hanging, dangling.

his face was calm; he must
have been deep in thought,
staring at a spot on the ground
next to his heavy boot. he took
a puff of his dwindling cigarette
without blinking, brown eyes
unmoving. he carried the weight
of the world. with a sigh, he
lifted his eyes. they met hers.
he blushed and her heart leapt.
Kayla Aug 2016
It was one of those mornings  
that the sun shone brightly  
through the thin, white curtains,    
illuminating his body
in a glorious light that caressed  
every inch of his smooth skin.  

His chest rose and fell softly,
and my eyes traced his face,  
taking in the immense
beauty of the man beside me.  
I moved closer to him feeling his
warmth, and he began to stir.

Sleepily, his heavy eyes
opened and a small smile
spread across his soft lips.
His glorious eyes moved over
my body, his hand reached for mine.
He whispered, “I love you, dear.”

And as the morning light
danced across our close
bodies, I knew that my
entire world lay beside me.
Closing my eyes, I took it all in.
What a beautiful glimpse of time.

I reply with all of the love in my soul:
“And I love you.”
Kayla Aug 2016
She moves, sways, dances to the music.
It starts in her heart, hypnotizing.
In a trance, it moves to her body.
Soft, fluid motions, closes her eyes.
Feeling it down to her soul, consumed.

Curious eyes fall on her moving figure.
Delicacy, grace, beauty enthralls attention.
Others follow suit, seizing her smooth rhythm,
feeling the music in their hearts, revealing
with movement, while the melody touches souls.

She loses herself in the sound of sweet music;
they lose themselves in the scene of her dance,
pure and serene, gentle and captivating all.
Kayla Aug 2016
Isn’t it bizarre that a year ago, we were
living, unaware that the other existed,
two bodies, separated by miles and miles,
two planets, rotating in different solar systems,
two souls, living in unconnected worlds.

It is quite strange that months ago, we were
two people, unknowing of the other’s presence,
though through the progression of life, two
worlds became connected, two solar systems
became one, and two bodies were just a mile apart.

You, who were once a stranger, have moved into
my mind, made your home in my heart, and changed
my entire universe into something of a fairytale.

How strange is it that, you, who were once a
stranger, are the one I have come to love?
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