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Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Slutty *****.
Not enough.
Emo cycle.
One of the regulars.

Deadbeat lowlife ******.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Im sorry Angel for being a **** friend.
Im sorry mom and jen for being a **** daughter.
Im sorry Daniel and Zach and Robert for being a **** girlfriend.
Im sorry world for being a **** person.
Im sorry Angel for being a sluttly friend.
Im sorry mom and jen for you not being proud of me.
Im sorry Daniel and Zach and Robert for being such a *****.
Im sorry.
I really ******* am.
Im just kind of done.
I give up.
You ******* win...
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
What are you? How do you describe yourself?

A burn out. Hoodlum. Someone who will amount to nothing.

I give thanks to you Todd. Ricky. Tommy and those people from the apartments. Thank you. Because now, I can't ******* do a ******* thing without everything that happened, appearing again. Now it's worse, because I feel it all over again.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Real Eyes,
Real Lies*.
  May 2016 Kathy Dehaven

    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.


    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.


     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she
     must be the one to do it herself, and you
     merely are there to quietly encourage her.


     Read her poetry (even if you are
     not a poet), the kind that uses
     flowery words and compares girls to
     the moon; the kind that you will
     rewrite for her. Make her a warrior.
     Make her a goddess with eyes like a
     wolf's and a smile like a tiger's.


     Laugh with her the first thing in
     the morning and the last thing before
     you fall asleep. Tell her cheap puns
     that you've been thinking of for weeks.
     And when she smiles - the type of smile
     that could bring you to your knees if
     you aren't careful - know that for the
     moment, she's yours. She is whole.


    Love her. Love her like a fish loves
    the sea or a bird loves the sky. Love
    her in the way that your heart feels like
    it's going to burst at any moment every
    time it beats. Love her skin and the way
    it feels against your own, soft and warm
    and utterly flawless. Love her for the way
    her voice trembles when she can't keep it
    together anymore and love her when she
    holds onto you as if you were the only
    thing that was keeping her alive.


     Love her, because some days she just can't do it herself.
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