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Kathy Dehaven Aug 2016
I dont know what im doing wrong anymore. Im sorry.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
I give up with this thing called trying
Because every night ive ended in crying.

Im out world...
It was a good run.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
The only men I trust are

Whiskey bent and Hell bound.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Flirtation, flirtation
All around hip rotations

Late night happenings
And morning strips

One night stands
And 18 year holds

Whiskey and bourbon are the life of gleam
That help me look Death in the eye with a kean smirk.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Death is a dear friend, that I hold close but at bay.

But every night I take a sip of that whiskey and look straight into his eyes and see the happiness of a life worth living.
Kathy Dehaven Jun 2016
Happy girl, that doesnt care shes gotten better she has the gleam back in her eye.

Sad girl, that hides it all shes gotten worse she has death in her eye.
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