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Kathy Dehaven May 2016
Pretty positive that in all of my lives this is how it will be.
I'll just be the Slutty Stripper that has an Alcohol and ******* problem.

It doesn't matter and I know I need to focus on myself right now but it's kind of hard when all of these love songs and heartbreak songs come on the radio and I see happy couples married, engaged, or just dating around and knowing in the back and front of my mind that all I have going for me is a life of Alcohol, *******, Prison, and Jail.

But that's okay.
Because I'd rather suffer this thing I call my life alone than drag someone through it that isn't skilled enough for the journey.
Kathy Dehaven May 2016
He's too old.
He's over me.
He's going off to college.
He ignores me.
He doesn't feel the same.
It's not beautiful falling in Love easily.
It hurts worse than a knife in your heart.
Kathy Dehaven May 2016
He's back... and he makes
me smile like he's known me
Kathy Dehaven May 2016
The sole fact that you have
to tell me that there's nothing
wrong with me, is a big hint
that there is.
And I see it now, I didn't
when you said it but, GOD,
do I do now...
Kathy Dehaven May 2016
Such a ******* word filled
with lies and broken
This is a word for people
who believe in happy
endings, this will never truly
come to those who don't.
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