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Kassel D Oct 2014
i fear
that i am beginning
to feel
the sweetness
of you
within my
#falling #love #earth #afraid
Kassel D Oct 2014
drowned in the water
of forgotten lands
where the sails begin to fade
set ablaze by the burnt sun
again the ice remains
to earth -
for it is the fire i wish to escape
the cutting wind caught
on water of gasoline
to earth -
i claim myself
free from ice
the winter long forgotten
Kassel D Oct 2014
the lane is ending
the chaotic plain which i've wandered
calloused feet
bloodied and scabbed
have at last reached
the fields of your keep
the dense forest of your surrounding arms
greet me with every piece of earth
plastered to my feet
easing the ice
at last
i have found peace
Kassel D Sep 2014
my well has begun to dry
the water seeping through the growing cracks
burrowed by the little mice
who carry away the pieces of my structure
allowing the seepage to continue on
until all that's left is dust and bone
my tongue of sand
weighted against formerly flowing words
drowning on the dryness
of severed ties
the water disappoints
now surely i must leave
found this hiding in my papers when I moved - no date
Kassel D Aug 2014
oppress not upon me your breath
the poison of my solitude
drunken eyes between stilled lines
the strain met by visions of twisted stars
and swaying valleys
like the waves crashing over jagged rocks
turning freedom into smooth lines
Kassel D Jul 2014
the sharpened rose
that seeks the red from blushing cheeks
carries through the night
the scent of wild fire
the singed branches
collapsed within your structure
like the elegant fold of your arms
engraved as if for my hopeless eyes
pallid grey against burnt azul
hopeless as my winter blade
dull upon my earthy plains
of sunken ash
seek not the wet stone
from the fountain pools
seek nothing
for this land flourishes no more
Kassel D Jul 2014
i hope you find her
like the endless night
upon your chest
intertwined like the silver constellations
of the summer sky
no longer tainted blue

and with each day
i hope spring finds you
smooth and delicate
as her lips of rose place sweetened petals
upon your cheek
her sun-dried stare wasting not a glance
of your smile
that fades all grief into shadows

but mostly
i hope you will be happy
for i shall be gone again soon
too lost for loving you
for a requited love -
distance separates

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