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5.6k · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
i became weak for you
but in your eyes i remained strong
you despised my defiance to follow
all the hidden rules of your love
© 2012 (November)
4.4k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
the utter despair
of your tasteless lips
cold as stone across mine
new horizons
bring endless hope
and longing
to feel the warmth of the sun
in your kiss once more
© 2012
2.7k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
drenched in wax
flakes reveal new skin
untouched, unharmed

i wish to feel your teeth
dig soft marks
upon me to remind me that i feel

your definitive brand stands firm
your clarity
generous to my affliction
© 2012
1.8k · Dec 2013
fountain of purity
Kassel D Dec 2013
unmarked, scarred
unwanted, bought
overpriced, underprivileged
never seen, faded
yet always bright in your eyes
shadows upon tasteless tongues
burning with desire
each sense bursting with light
clouded eyes that dare not wake
wondering at the sights their vision
will not bestow upon them
blinded and all seeing
your wisdom falls upon me
as if your essence were showers of rain
that sooth my uneasy breath
and cool the anxiety beneath my breast
but your eyes glow; ready to devour me
your lips curve at my desire
your teeth, sharp as shards of glass
tear at the ambition of my stoic heart
swallow the blood and take it
for within me it can only cause harm
maybe if it lies within your purity
it will soak in your water
that i may drink from this fountain
and taste the love that is sprung there
and forever live in the passion of your being
1.7k · Oct 2013
Kassel D Oct 2013
take me back to your ways
before the wilted shower
of frozen droplets stained my sheets

bring me to the peaceful eternity
that lived beneath your neck
chestnut hair aligned against my shoulders
like an army of blue
prepared to fight for their lady
my handkerchief tucked gracefully at your side

my soldier, my keep
awaken, please

there is blood no more
1.6k · Feb 2013
light pollution
Kassel D Feb 2013
the absence of darkness in the city
fragile upon the edge of light
empty and eerily awaiting the demise of the sun
lifeless city, ruthless in its takings
your decadence
sad and unheard by passers on the quiet streets
singled by the sounds of your own footsteps
unlost but wandering
for what you seek in a star
is hidden by shrouds of impurity
© 2012
1.6k · Dec 2013
Kassel D Dec 2013
beauty sits high on her cheeks
to speak
her lips of delicate rose
and eyes like the greying violets
of winter's sunken snow
beneath her quiet breast
she keeps her dreams
wrapped in a cloth of silken desire
to see
a life placed in a silver frame

look not!
upon the nights shaded in red
the poison ink to a faded letter
but forth upon the break of morning
for the sun is surely coming
for my mother
1.4k · Oct 2013
Kassel D Oct 2013
draw me like fire
seared across the page
fast lines of red and orange
only a fragment
solitary burn
until morning dew relieves me
raw and open
open and closed
make me the fire
of quickly burning eyes
1.3k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
i cannot wait to see you again
to feel the peaceful marks of your existence
the wind, tousling your mane, mixing it with mine
your face, your presence, your heart
beating strongly beside mine
as we run through bright fields of embers
our past glowing in the distant background

when all that is left here is us
we will go to that spot
where we were separated
and dig up my heart together
you will return it to me
so that i may fill it with my essence, my love

and i will gladly return it to you once more
for it is yours
forever branded by you

it is the only thing i can give to you while you're gone
please, be comforted
i gave you my whole to protect you until i can find you again

and when i find you
i will sacrifice myself to keep you safe

this time
i can stay with you

© 2011
for Lonestar
1.3k · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
stones of your bravery
cast into the water
forced to sit upon the floor
forgotten in the water light
creating little ripples on the surface
still intact
upon your entrance
although unlike me
the water remains unchanged
© 2013
1.3k · Feb 2013
tainted hills
Kassel D Feb 2013
am i not your saviour?
or another cast to stone
cast upon the bleakness
of another raging sky

burrowed in the meadows
lost in seas of green
each single blade of sharpened grass
caressing over me

your thunder casts an echo
returned again with light
a struggle for the water
upon our mouths so dry

and every breath is painful
counted and assumed
a subtle strike of violence
against an aching back

laid trapped between the hillside
of barren, empty land
for once i saw a purity
rested in your hand
© 2012
1.2k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
let me play with broken fingers
of shadows dressed in light
though effervescence vainly seeks
meaning in the night
for in the day, not cloaked by fear
are you, coiled to strike
unknowingly, your savagery
and mine grow more alike
© 2012
1.2k · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
feelings fade
like the dull horizon
diminished by the sun
shades of orange
slowly turn dark
and bare themselves
like starlight
to the evening skyline
and the constant clamour of the countryside
into the babbling brook
and soft chirps of frogs
until once again
sleep comes
and a new morning
brings different light
© 2013
1.2k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
ever so hopeful
upon a dying whim
once so full of charm
now dwindling on your newest affliction
a passing phase of yours
to reply so kindly in my favour
but as a new opportunity arises
to abandon me so quickly
each board of my ship stripped of pride
and given no honourable decline
bowed before thunderous waves
as you sail upon a new ship
with gleaming sails
toward a new horizon
as i prepare to sink
into the abyss of knowing you
© 2013
1.2k · Nov 2013
Kassel D Nov 2013
the shadow of your existence
has stretched beyond my viewing
the sun, eternally set beyond the ashen hillside
for now you reside in darkness
the fog-filled day light no longer enough
to sustain the vision of your hardships

think not of us
think not of mourning
for all we see is liberty
1.1k · Jun 2013
fuel to the fire
Kassel D Jun 2013
sometimes when i'm reminded of you
i think of how we were together
and the anger blinds me
i had so much more to say
than the diminished words i spoke
i thought i loved you
but i've realized
that our love was never really love
it was too dangerous and impure
your way with words was so devastating
but somehow you gained my trust
learned my secrets
and used them against me
my intoxication
brought down by your charm
i admit
every time you called it quits
i crashed and burned
but i learned
you were just an empty threat
bent to keep me in line
distilled to your liking
but i poured my heart into the brew
and it remained strong
you hated that about me
how willful i was
how stubborn
you made sure to stomp it out
like fire
but i kept those embers hot
and when i regained my dignity
i let it burn
through our forest
your controlling stare may have marred me then
but i've moved on without you
free to speak my mind
and not just a selection
free to choose my clothes, my friends, my family
i took back what you stole
and now i stand with them
tall and proud of who i am
strong, independent and stubborn
those things do not make me flawed
they make me someone worthy of **respect
Due to recent events, I have had a lot of time to reflect on the past, and relieve some residual resentment and anger. Freedom!
1.1k · Dec 2013
the puppeteer
Kassel D Dec 2013
broken bones
torn down sympathy
i weep not for you
but those around you
who are covered in your darkness
spewed across their white clothing, are you
mocking their purity with your sullied words
they stand there still
too sunken to move again
their will has been removed
and now they stay with compliance
your ability for worship ties them to the ground
never allowing them to drift
peacefully away from the pain you provide
with every
wide awake and torn
i kneel
praying for your forgiveness
if that is what you intended
forcibly, i rip
the threads of your manipulation from my back
and struggle to my feet
you impress your power over me
but i refuse to linger
with my new found freedom
i spit at your feet and turn from you
walking into the oncoming slaughter
of distant storming clouds
More of a experience-based story instead of a poem
1.1k · Oct 2013
good morning
Kassel D Oct 2013
faint scents of woven hair
and gentle hands beneath the pillow
of spiced, soft lips
that bring the morning
to night soaked eyes
and as the stars disappear from these eyes
another comes to light
1.1k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
beware the marching tower
brutality and might
set upon a quiet city
strangled by the night
© 2012
1.1k · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
dead eyes like twilight
haunting through frosted trees
and empty barren lands
frost bitten and bitter
to the peace between chaos
against soft winter snow
that remains untouched by the footprints
of people in little houses
but i walk on stilted legs
each deliberate step
is treading on shadows
silent and aching
like cold feet wading
through treacherous waters
in the escapades of silent streams
breath burned
across fields of ice
with carefully placed hands
on cold set stone
© 2012
1.1k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
the disappointment in your vacancy
stretched across the country side
mirrored in my eyes of water
for your body is the sea
your ignorance of these sentiments
writhe between my lungs
and play a rhythm on my heart
foreign and savage
each silent word is screamed
upon my eager ears
and from the line stretched across my face
you can tell I am broken
by the distance at my side
and the silence bites my tongue
heavy and anchored, it remains
for i shall not reach out to you
if my efforts are in vain
© 2012
1.0k · Mar 2013
Achilles heel
Kassel D Mar 2013
stone cold grey
awake and tamed to the early break of day
woven with the evenings betrayal
of silent whispers
and forgotten amorous afflictions
i fear that i believed in your tales
for i wear a gullible ear
confiding in your eyes
though the ferocity of your hands
should have lead me far from your grasp
chaos brews within you
and the ever present hint of your smile
rivals your titanous lips  
you, tragically beautiful in your decadence
leave me gasping for air
for i must feed this vice
please, lead me to your burrow of endless defeat
for surely someday in your takings
my fragility will be lost
© 2013
1.0k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
what sadness is leached from your heart to your brow?
unable to show what you truly emote
scathed in darkness
your treachery lies there
hidden still by the magic you've used to fog my eyes
but i am here
standing in the street, neck craned up at the sky
searching for hope, light
but the moon does not appear
cloaked by your entity, your shadow
what light prevails there, beneath the darkest blanket?
what bought breaks past your distant window?
is it the stillness inside of you rupturing?

someday it shall emerge
grotesquely from your centre
and devour all that remains
and there your body will lie, twitching
a blood-filled cavity
useless attempting to repair the fatal blow

and i will miss you
for now all that remains is hollow
the lifeless look in your stare haunts me
so i will not return here
for in my mind, you died that day
and all that i had ever hoped for
went away with you too
© 2011
1.0k · May 2013
Kassel D May 2013
you dug your teeth in like an animal
savage and deadly
your claws helping tear open the wound
as you poured in your poison
you used to be so kind
or at least it's how you looked in my eyes
but with every passing day
a piece of your mask faded
revealing the skin of a monster
and although i was warned
and told to run
seek refuge
i did not fear you
for i thought i knew you
but all you ever did was lie
and make believe you were the prey
while your predatory gaze kept a watchful eye

how quickly you sprang
how vicious your jaw
how easily i fell

and somehow it was my fault
somehow i was wading
****** and torn
in a river of apologies
unsure of the meaning
always searching

in time i learned your ways
and i froze
waist deep in the river
unable to swim to the shore
and become dry
because you cried
because you filled my ear
with sweet whispers of "i love you"
i believed you
so i stayed

but now as i lay freely
staring up at the sun
feeling its warmth
on my newly healed wounds
i realized that you never loved me
because love is not a violent word
7 months
1.0k · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
do not let yourself be drowned
by the absent-filled memory of a lie
smile, like a blooming flower
inviting in the sun
as if every consuming lie
is erased by each ray of sunlight
as if every gust of wind
pulling at your petals does not destroy
but builds strength
as if the rain purifies your heart
and the earth beneath your feet
allows its roots to seep in
and pull the pieces of you back together
© 2012
996 · Aug 2013
Kassel D Aug 2013
eastern seas and trembling hands
do not take me yet
for the winds of these sails
have yet to become filled
with the salted tears
of turquoise valor
let this ship wander
the vastness of the open waters
and land alike
for the shores of distant territories
are carried upon the breath of the ocean
as if the ancient voices of seductive sirens
were calling me forth
their enchanting song
an enticing peril
that i dare not follow
my wary crew
i bid adieu
upon a wooden raft
sink not your anchor
for i remain an explorer
of the forgotten ways
983 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
plucked the heart from my hollowed chest
and cut the strings like you stole my roots
as if i were your garden of joy
where you replaced in me your own flowers
and helped me watch it grow
but it was in vain
for every flower decayed
with every lie and every cruel word
and soon you slowly dug up your own heart
under the freshly turned over soil
and i began to see you with clear vision
as if new tides washed away old blessings
and revealed your reflection in the moonlight
where i began to hate the heart you held with tainted fingers
long and grim as they gripped tightly around their prized possession
closing ever so slowly, one finger at a time
slowly removing my lightened hand
i beg of you to let go
for i cannot stand your agony that is now burned within me
as if the empty casing of your chest
was hungrily seeking to devour something that was mine
and slowly turned something beautiful
into something hated and ashamed
like the lusted rose after the summer heat
withered and decayed
so now i beg of you
keep what was given to you
for i no longer need it
nor do i desire to attain it once more
for in me it would only relive each aching memory of you
within it i would only be reminded of how hollow i became
of how worthless and lonely i felt with you
no, i cannot bear to see what you have done to it
now that i have forced you to disappear
for i know that from the roots you left behind
a new heart will emerge from the soil
more beautiful than the last, more pure
and with it i will learn from everything i punished it with before
and i will no longer wish for your return
for i lament not for my broken heart
but instead rejoice in a new beginning
one that i will pass on when it is truly deserved
for i know that the sweetest structure will be my heart someday
© 2013
981 · Feb 2013
i submit
Kassel D Feb 2013
your elegance provokes me
so clear in the distance
like the wheat fields in the summer breeze
golden and fragrant
nearer to your acreage
accompanied by your freckled ambition
deflated lungs
breathless at the sight of you
wild heart in your vines
struggling to escape their grip
but i remain wrapped in your strength
unharmed and safe
unknowing to the state of my weary heart
i know not why i fight
for you hold no threat
fragile bird
why do you not spread your wings
and escape the cage of me?
for unlike you, i am not a haven
mist fills my forest and covers its lakes
haunting the stability that you possess
the fire of your paper chest
creating ashes for your footprints
that lead to me
drowning in my lake
and with the absence of terror
you quietly step into the waves
and sooth the burns in my elemental arms
the raw connection sustains us
and as i relieve you of my torture
i see again the golden fields at dawn
washed away by my water
soothed across your chest
© 2013
975 · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
the inherent loneliness creeps back into my body
heart bent around something that doesn't exist for me
although it flusters easily
i use all i have to fill the void
though it does nothing for me
in the desolate hours of the night
when i cannot sleep because i am alone
i dare not open the chest of you
it leaves more tar across my rib cage
sticky and infuriating to remove
burn me once more
there must be something meaningful in this pain
© 2012
970 · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
failure to extinguish every fire you set forth
upon each field of crops
has left each acre desolate
dead roots beneath charred ground
but it is from these ashes
that i collected the strongest seeds
surviving through adversity
and tilled into growth once more
© 2013
954 · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
you found me
when i thought i was alone
lost, you brought me home
you discovered me
my passion, my resolve
my feelings, with your stable shoulders
you uncovered
the pain and sadness
and banished them
and replaced them instead with your essence
you molded me
with determination and strength
by the seat on your back
you taught me dedication
you gave me trust
and in those unstable hands
somehow i was able
so i gave you mine
along with my heart and undying love
it still burns for you

for everything that you were
for it created everything that i am
i am honoured
that you chose me
to be your partner
maybe it was because we shared
the same hurts
that we were able to blossom
you were so beautiful to me
i grew with you
as did you with me
i could not ask for anything
more precious than the time i spent with you
i will love you forever

keep waiting
and i will find you again
i promise
© 2012
for Lonestar
943 · Jan 2014
declaration to sunrise
Kassel D Jan 2014
with an uncovered heart
i stand pale against the horizon
the sky
painted in pastel
and before me remains
the muted vision of the grey night
encompassed by your luminescence
for it is as if
i have been awakened
by the colours of your lips
the tranquil breath
which lies peacefully in the night
that has captured me with such fluidity
that i dare not flee
for surely i would drown
without the surrounding arms
that i have claimed
as home
for someone I love dearly
918 · Jul 2013
Kassel D Jul 2013
brought back by an old greeting
of warm breath and soft skin
the hay-filled scent of childhood yearning
fulfilled once more
by the slender elegance of a whiskered muzzle
a place of sacred worship
where every sorrow was once laid to rest
from those beloved younger years
oh, how easily forgotten this place was
how swiftly it became tainted
by the red passing of first love
for the place that once guarded sanctuary
became a district of grief
yet here the fantasy of little girls is awakened once again
where the shrine of golden tenderness
rests anew within the eyes of a horse
I am so lucky to have a host family that not only welcomes me into their home, but also into their stable. Since the passing of my own horse over a year ago, I have lost touch with a love that I have carried for the entirety of my life. 16 years of horseback riding has not gone to waste. I am so thankful for the opportunity and the feeling of completeness that overcomes me during my stay in Italy.
909 · Jun 2013
Kassel D Jun 2013
soft implications
imprinted on white waves of silk
where the immaculate seas of blue
rest on ivory hills
floating upon the currents of sweet air
and he is drowning in the clear water
surrounded by fiends of gold
awaiting a breath that comes easily
before he is able to witness
her emergence to the red decline
893 · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
radio silence

i am left grasping at weak ideas
plastered through my brain
i do not believe you are aware
of the harm you cause me
in your absence

how selfish i must seem
to desire you for myself
how young and naïve i look
in your eyes of solitude
am i a fool?
for seeing something in your blind stare?
or were you truthful to me there?

the wavelengths between our separation burns
marring the pale skin you once caressed
i wonder at my reflection
failing to recognize myself
for i do not feel the same
you shifted something unknown to me
and with every ounce of strength
i have failed to put it back
you disappeared sooner than i expected
with little more than a faint good-bye

how girlish i must be to you
how weak and desperate
to hold each kind word in such high regard
to you i am worthless
to you i am destroyed, broken
a dead toy
used and unamusing to keep your time

search through your channels
for what you require
but do not expect my reply
for i  turned you to static
at the first sound of change
© 2013
Kassel D Jun 2013
the abuser tried to contact me
through his coward device online
the place where he sits to work
twisting and turning his words into easy prey
the place where i saw him work
light keystrokes of heavy rage
set out to destroy the happiness around him

he tried to contact me
as if i were an old friend
as if months of beautiful silence had not gone by
i don't know what he wants to say
because i have shut out the old version of myself
that would willfully go running back to him
i am disgusted by the girl i was
so warped
that every ounce of pain inflicted
every compromised moment of "love"
was meaningful

i can never go back
i won't
there isn't anything in the world
that could make me venture
to the chaotic territory of a
compulsive, lying
manipulative man
who tore apart everything i had built for myself
and called it love

so here's my message to you:

                                          go **** yourself
                                          with your petty mind games
                       because i am strong
                                  and everything that i rebuilt is equipped
                                                 to destroy anyone like you
                        who tries to come near

i am finished, i am happy, i am me
i can be me
I haven't read the message... I don't care what it is he wants
871 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
a lover's quarrel
awaited tune
unspoken words
left for june
and all undone
a man shall quote
"do not wait for Romeo"
© 2007
871 · Feb 2013
the forest
Kassel D Feb 2013
stolen flame
burnt fingers upon still heartache
wary of the trust in you
my faith stings
beneath each careful step
left believing in something
that is not confirmed or denied

i lay here
on each empty word
filled with anxiety
i am lost
you are too
but we managed to find each other
in the damp forest

i can't say how long i'll last
in your crystal gaze
frozen in your ways
for i am tired
and full of aching heartbeats
thriving on your existence
but you survive without me

i am lost
i see you no longer here
you have shifted

i am gone
© 2013
868 · Dec 2013
haunted desire
Kassel D Dec 2013
the oddness of your lips stained across my chest
unable to move
by the blood that flows there
my frantically beating heart
gives me away to how humane i have become next to you
i have lost my wild
thorn filled hair now hangs lifeless at my side
and the electricity that i once felt at your touch
has been dimished
i am in love with the idea of you
the thought
that i may not roam forever alone and free
is equally as terrifying as being with you
part of my hate for the way you are able to penetrate my iron wall
is also the reason why i am unable to forget you
yet i stand here
where you left me last
and i remember how hard your heart beat too
i could not fathom that i would be the one stuck
while you are able to move so freely
for i am the breaker of hearts
and yet
here i stand
the jagged edges of my heart protruding from my chest
hungry to devour another
so that i might heal from their pain
and one day
when i am free again
i will look back on this moment
and run
through the forest
allowing the wilderness to consume me
by your beating heart
861 · Mar 2013
Kassel D Mar 2013
you disgust me
with your polluted tongue
sullied by your malcontent
absorbed in your egocentricities
it must be exhausting to feed your conceitism
how do you rationalize your inflation?
i find it difficult not to trip on your ego
for you must realize your inadequacies
or has your narcissism bloomed early?
continue on your rampage
for it leads to destruction
i know all too well of your kind
the pompous fall in their rise to power
bleak and solitary
i wait for the day when you acknowledge
each transgression
© 2012
I have been hesitant to add this because it is not something I would normally write, or feel, since anger is a rarity for me, but since it was quite a strong emotion at the time, I think it is worth posting.
860 · Feb 2013
from fire to ice
Kassel D Feb 2013
soft seas of white
unbearable to the warmhearted
for crystal chalices are containers
frozen and unfeeling to the bitterness
numbed by this climate
and all wounds that freeze over
are lethal to **** in your heat
and for each spring that passes
i await my demise
but the winter before keeps me intact
i dare not walk in your summer
for surely that would be my end
so if you reach out to me, love
do not be crestfallen when i do not respond
for i poured my nature into your hollow
and was ambushed by your vacancy
i have been collapsed and discharged by your fears
for they mimic my own
and though i have cultivated my courage
you are still held back at the precipice of your qualms
to you i must seem manic
for i believe in love
i follow my heart
though it may lead to dark edges
but you, forlorn by your vigilance
stagger in your struggle to remain conscious
unaware that your wick has been cut loose
and failed to ignite the once blazing sparks of your brilliance
i pity your heat
for it has no place to burn
and soon, it too will wither into ash
and be set upon a pedestal that will restrain you there
in the glaciers that have become your keep
© 2013
842 · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
waiting for the world to stop spinning
long enough for me to catch my breath
i cannot stop this overflow
i can only freeze it
though my strength is weakening
be wary
for someday this pain will emerge from my chest
and the overflow will cascade
from the dark hollow in my chest
and drown all in its rage
© 2009
838 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
how thin the walls
they're closing in
a quaking call
and it begins

so soldiers march
their heads held high
fighting with
the darkened sky

for weak and strong
there is no low
they traveled long
for death to foe

when lovers call
he'll pass her by
for he will fall
with battle cry

for on once more
they'll march the path
the deathly roar
of king and wrath

and yet it ends
in merriment
while others call
for chariot

die for your country
© 2008
I wrote this when I was 16 which feels like a lifetime ago
I think this was supposed to be a part of a fantasy novel I was writing
837 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
it is not a bitter heart
that refuses to fall in love
it is not the absence
of warm collecting arms
nor the objective
of finding something missing
that traces this immunity
it is the acceptance of solitude
of self-defiant fate
of lacking sentiments
where truly i grow strong
for on my own
i am strength
© 2013
837 · Dec 2013
lament to water
Kassel D Dec 2013
scathed by bruises and marks of your discomfort
i know not where they descend
for i am stumbling through polluted rivers
shades swirling in its malcontent
hot drops of clear water
scorned upon the ashes
stealing from my purity
with every second i sink further into the malicious waves
rippled with your treachery and drowned in my fears
drops; suspended
drops of me
pooling there
ambitious to cascade over the edge
and crash through the walls builts here
back and forth
i feel their pull
distant on the shore
buried by the sea
cut ties
enclosed in a silver box
i hope it sinks into the unknown depths
accompanied by sweet serenity
832 · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
recently i have been living beneath the soil
unable to breathe
each breath brings a mouthful of pain and disgust
my lungs fill with these things
shards of people
with your monstrous teeth
you will dig and find me there
unable to speak
tear me apart like a carnivore
the smell of blood is too overwhelming
the scars are still raw from your existence
© 2011
824 · Feb 2013
Kassel D Feb 2013
in your white city
wrapped in pavement
nestled between the hills
where nothing flourishes
the tree tops close to you
eager to tear apart from the ground
your tainted water
is poison
to all who wish to seek its purity

a smothered innocence
born into a soulless city
and the metal-clad titans
that threaten my wooden structure
break through my barrier, into my arms
my weaponry is pillaged
and i again remain reckless to you
your striking force
blunt across my chest
breathless, i remain in your agony

and as messages from you come up silent
i feel my heart floating
in your ominous sea
tying joyous knots
between frequent skipping beats
creating drops of your voice
that are echoed in the wells of my chest
for your sweet words blossomed twice
like clear stained letters
written near dawn

i fear
that the collapse of your growth is nearing
and the words that once laid before you
are voices in the distance
and the landscape of  your thoughts
buried shame
is brought upon still hearts
and all we wished to stay hidden
is torn across the horizon
and stretched across the bridges
with sorrow tipped urgency

and you lament to me
for i dreamt of your sorrow
going to the branches
when you should have sought the core
for now, all that is hopeless in your misery
is set free upon the village
set loose upon a whim
in your undying destruction

descend upon me in your radiance
for i was conceived in your fire
and now i stand, chest heaving
burnt in your tragedy
awaiting your return to my ruins
but your smile plays to your demise
and you instead cover me in your distance
a walking dream of your terror
the putrid evidence of your existence
leaves a stain upon my flesh
for i believed in your like a religion
for you were the disciple of my heart
but that legacy has been destroyed
for you have never carried your sins

like my wish upon a fallen star
burnt out upon the night
prepare yourself for slaughter
for when the evening breaks
the sun will be red with tears
and i will be born again in your remains
© 2013
I wrote this about a month ago, and I am still unsure what it means to me... maybe you have some insight.
824 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
burning sun
                    crescent moon
I see the lines  -------------------------

unable to cross them
i mark the spot
                                                            ­                              X
that has been marred by your presence
© 2011 (October)
822 · Nov 2013
Kassel D Nov 2013
anguish set sail upon a dying ship
cast off to secluded land
eternally lost at sea
to the wake of forgotten woes
for in your stride
i find again my strength
as if your arms
are part of me
a guide to deserted land
that has only seen
the resembled marks of weary feet
and innocence
812 · Apr 2013
Kassel D Apr 2013
rainfall creates wreckage
on sleepy country towns
the river submerges roads and houses
they're searching for higher ground

the pubs and the stores on Main Street
all normally alight
are drowning in Muskoka river
through water they must fight

back roads are gone
all washed away
the Big East River is rising

state of emergency declared
the town will survive
for help is soon arriving
© 2013
My hometown is currently flooded, but thankfully our house is on higher ground and has not been damaged. Parts of the downtown area are flooded by the river and the outskirts of town have seen a lot of damage. Sending positive energy to the people with houses near the water <3
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