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 Jul 2016 Kassel D
I'm broken,
like every poet is,
with words falling out
of a broken heart.
 Jul 2016 Kassel D
My mind
Likes to deceive me

I find someone
truly someone

And they're shattered from me
by a gas smaller than I can see

Shattered into a reality
I've been avoiding my whole life

Dear young, hopeless Cherie
How shall I hope to survive?
 Jul 2016 Kassel D
Night fell around me
like a wounded animal
in a garden of statues
closing their eyes,
not dreaming,

they are blinded
by the moon
as it cruised by
like a ghost ship,
or a sack of ashes,

the only sound
the quiet humming
of sleeping souls

and a shovel
clearing ground
for digging
the deepest dark hole.
 Jul 2016 Kassel D
anonymous winds
bend tall Timothy grasses,
wake rabbits napping
in the brush

they ripple the surface
of the stock tanks, tickle the haunches
of the beasts who wade there
to slurp the tepid waters

they birth red dust devils
for my eyes to follow, as they scud
through mesquite, and hopscotch over canyons
older than time

one day, soon, they will blow
over a shallow earth bed; I will not hear
their sibilant song, but my sleep will be deep,
unperturbed by their mystic music
 Jul 2016 Kassel D
Felicia Diana
'I could smell your scent, taste your feelings '- hear your beating heart when you touched my shoulder. Even though you faded in this crowded city. This city of freedom we were caged in.'
-- F.D. Prenger.
 Jul 2016 Kassel D
Dustin Dean
My feelings run through her hair
An exquisite sensation in the daytime
Bonded by the wall of charm
We just can't get over ourselves
And that's the beauty of it all
So we carry on into the night
Looking for ways to refine
Which Sister Neptune takes care of
Glistening downtown's highs
Over the rustic romance
That shrouds Saturn's sighs
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