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vansh kapoor Sep 2021
Her speech of cute blunders;
cheeks of caramel taste,
made the genie enamored,
from alluring forehead down to her waist.
vansh kapoor Mar 2021
Friendships do not last,
that's why I wanna marry you.
vansh kapoor Jan 2021
I smiled at her as a smitten sign,
she blushed back as Italian wine.
she lowered her eyes,
shifting strand behind.
she was the one
who set up a poet blind..
vansh kapoor Jan 2021
It's not going to be a deep thought
As I am not crazy or mentally distraught.
But still I'll try to make you feel,
Not as 'dead poets society' did in it's reel,
So keep it for a word and not as a deal.
It's my first writing and a small try,
Like it or not
From me, it's just a bullseye....

— The End —