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Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2014
writing your name a thousand times
the line on the paper
would curl up and die

the phrase “love don’t die”
is just a muddled version of
I’d like to lie

don’t make life seem like a fairy tale
books have known endings
stable mendings

we, however, weren't born to get sold

we were born to hold one another
save them from whatever's out there
while we are life's presence
but you cannot believe you can love forever
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2020
imagine being isolated from everything you love

take those painfully intense emotions
make them be your guide to loving more, loving stronger, and being the fire that you still are, maybe just smoking, maybe you can't see anything at all.

But you were born to ignite your true colors

Even if you can't see with you heart
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2018
Wait till I build myself a home
With no walls, chairs, or a kitchen
...But for my love
A place I can store my love
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2019
Incapable of controlling my tongue
she escorts me like my brain to my feet
a headache of me, one massive ache
uprooting my feet and making me wonder
what have I done

what do these walls know,
what do I own but the brain that explodes at the slightest *****
I'm sensitive
my feelings write my story on my face
and no one stays at the sight
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2019
he's taking it slow because he knows good things take time
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2019
you remind me of my future*
keep me in today, with you in your presence
it takes the smallest touch
the biggest smile
confident eyes; they know they like what they see
and they search deep into my soul, dive into the deep end of my heart
shredding love like water
you don't need to breathe underwater
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2019
you're shocking
unreal for this reality I'm living
but you're taking your time
and I'm taking mine;

we are clockwork ticking away together, in the company of sour patch kids and m&m's fallen through the crevices of the couch

as you progress through my bones I become stronger
as you progress through my lungs I breathe harder
as you progress through my skin I become softer
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2019
I wasn't even looking and yet...
I still get hurt
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
A picture can paint a thousand words
To me
*A word can paint a thousand pictures
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2018
nobody is disabled
or perfectly able

sickened talk of lowering someone's worth due to the undying fact that you want to feel like the lucky one
Maybe it's not luck, maybe we are plagued with layers of dealing with hurt and our mind makes up different images. makes them look like a doe, that in a slim chance you can rise above and beyond

If you ask someone with a "so-called disability"
they say they wouldn't change a thing
they love who they are and who they are would never look like anyone else

they smile and have learned to appreciate every fine detail of the life they live
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2020
you can take my kisses, we can get it on but you can never be as close as I. fighting to get to the heart, digging a pathway in the cold winter
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2019
dandelions are beautiful
yet my dad is stuck on the premise of it being a ****

mow it down
rip it to shreds

a beautiful nuisance
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 2014
Your smile...
and my agony waits....
because how could it stay.....
when the warmth covers me in a blaze...
I forget why I'm upset...
I forget why I cried...
and only think...
this is heaven....
I must've survived...

such a beautiful ride...
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Sorry with all of the love poems lately...But I'm in the mood :)
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2014
the air was thick
clouds of anxiety filled their lungs
whatever's going to happen
can never be undone
he took a deep breath in
and exhaled while letting his words fall out
I'm sorry babe
but I think we're done
the whole room went numb
not a word she spoke
not a move did she make
it was a horrible heart break
his eyes were blazing with fear and sadness
but all she saw
was anger and gladness
she couldn't accept his feelings
when hers were peeling
peeling from the walls he once painted
her eyes shifted away
and started to exit
while she heard him sniffle
she thought good heavens
she slammed the door hard
and that was all...
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Aug 2019
I see perfection covered in dust and as I wipe away yesterday I see you

You as in faded laughs and haunted doorways which remain locked till this day

You don't want me
Not even in the slightest

A fleeting moment
A nothing
Kaitlyn Marie May 2014
The more you think
the more you wont
the more you do
them more you will
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2018
why do you chase me with your words
it's scary as ****
happy Halloween
Kaitlyn Marie Aug 2015
in a world where the greater population believe in Jesus more than themselves
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2018
Just shield me from the consequences, feelings, bitter opinions of the roaring audience. Opinions are only opinions until they take form into a rolling ball knocking down all others. Then they are a destruction. Bulging eyes and red cheeks~ you don't have to get so mad. Fires are not supposed to flood our bodies, and I know you want to feel alright. So let us all believe what we want without hurting others
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2020
because I thought of you;
today has turned into forever
by chance the brightest leaves happen to fall on my feet
the grass is fading and responsibilities begin to find their hiding place
Kaitlyn Marie Nov 2014
when you do things for fame..
you don't become happy anymore
because the things that made you happy before
are now in a cold storage
because you're acting like you can morph emotion
@Copyright kaitlyn marie
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 2014
A whisper in my ear
told me to have courage
face my fears
and nothing will hurt me
because if I'm not brave
I can't take the risks
that may have been worth it
It's such an easy thing to say
but how do I go about being brave?
Is it all in my voice
or the expression on my face
I need to know
for my upcoming date
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2014
livin' in black & white
a colorless spectrum

the only resource I need
for the colorin' of  me

is your red heart beat
in between my cold sheets..<3
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2014
The boys are birds. flocking towards the prey, girls. The ones who wade get captured first, though the ones who lie deep in the waters, are never heard.
@Copyright Kaitlyn marie
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2014
It is a bittersweet
How one can live a life
But death sounds better

That I will prepare for that day
Until that day
and when the day arises
What shall I have but a grave?

Would my life have been a waste
Or my bones litter the world

I drink the thought and choke
Because death is a dark hole of no return
Yet people get swallowed alive daily

A faint reminder to my fellow people
Live in the life you have been given
Because death is certain

Your ending curtain
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jul 2017
Don’t assume today will be tomorrow
That the present is the past
Or that people can’t see you when you’re hiding

They see you when you’re hiding
Like the nails pierced so far through your wall,
They are hard to let go of and so hard to get back
Impossible creates a body and hovers over your every move

Acts like it can comfort you
Acts like it knows you

When in reality it doesn’t know you like comfort
Doesn’t know you stay between the walls of familiarity
And only talk to similarity

When you find escape
of stretched out fields
And rows of corn, long and reminiscent

Relaxation strikes and you feel good
It’s when the eyes are burning through your back
That you don’t like
It’s the wind’s harsh voice, when it nests in your stomach that you
Can’t take
The vibration of screaming and wrongdoing that keeps you up
The reason you move is the cloud of hope,
The bubble of hope that grows bigger and takes so little to burst

That only some still enjoy today
Blowing bubbles
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2017
when a heart breaks,

recalling a moment you don't remember
subduing myself from conversation
thoughts connecting dots while laughing
with the person right in front of me

this is how it happened to me;
body literally shaking from concern
eyes taped with tears
nose glued shut

what am I gonna do
when I liked you so much
and now the sky has you
it now needs you
has met you by now,
and wont ever give you back

I swear I'll met into a puddle when I see you again <3
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2014
Your love is leaving a lamp on
Its light helps for the moment
But the more you indulge in it
The warmer
More serious
But it cannot be left on forever
It must burn out
The fumes filling the air
If it didn't stop there
A fire could have unleashed
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2014
The feelings in which mouth can't announce
Soul cannot amount
Face cannot articulate
The heart cannot anticipate
Body cannot figure out
The feelings that give you doubt
Give you pain
And no hope for tomorrow
The feelings that secretly drive you
Make you happy
Tear off your frown
And suddenly you are laughing
These feelings are common
When this one boy
Never leaves your head
You dread him
You love him
You adore him
Most importantly
You can't get over him
Leave him there
Because don't give up on something
That leaves your body left insane
You don't know what you could possibly gain

These feelings are when your whole body is convinced
You want something more
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Aug 2015
can you just simply forget
How to do the things that made you live
you let all fall that are gifted in grace, let them hesitate with an insecure skip
dismay catapults while grey shadows
your previously bubbling take
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
her head was up in space
caught on the milky way
wanting to come back down to earth
trying to find a way
but everything was a blur
signs pointing that a way
and the other
just confused her more
wondering why life hurts
why does this always happen to her
maybe she deserved this pain
it was the only way
to prove a point
that she needs to make a change
a better way
a better life for her
it's time she realized
that time is her only alibi
that sometimes you need to cry
to make it by
you don't always have to be strong
you are not king kong
so you can always remember
life moves on
the train wont leave without you
the airplane wont take off
you are that missing puzzle piece
to that challenging jig saw.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2020
imagination seems so outlandish
dotted lines and crooked t's autumn is as long as a passing train, you see it's wonderful colors and other's may try to get across sooner, you sit crossed legged thinking it won't end but knowing it's only a coping mechanism for change
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
color me happy
paint me with a smile
and create me with some style
package me up
with care, and love
and send me away
to a place not so grey
where children laugh
adults show respect
and everyones relaxed...
I'm not asking for perfection
I'm asking for affection.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jul 2014
It feels better to be consistent
then to hit
and miss the next day

It feels better to love you every day
then to see you once
and never again
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2014
the gap between your neck and shoulders
looks untouched
like the only flow of current that's touched
was the force of water from showers
the power increased to make you feel loved
that something could erase past mistakes
but honey
I'm here, waiting
Waiting for you to see what truly matters
and I'll continue to wait
my feelings for you constantly change
because nothing ever stays the same

let me touch the gap between your neck and shoulders
I could show you what honest love feels like.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
In a world where creativity is put first

no ranks

no grades

because how can you judge a human race

on if they made a certain grade

when we cannot even explain

the trueness of the big bang

oh, intelligence is fine

but I think it's not right

since we all come from a different whom

and are still expected to be advanced at school

school should become extinct

we have our brains still to think

no test is bigger than life

so maybe we should start *studying
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2014
Crystal eye
circular ear
sharp edged nose
grinned mouth

what do we perceive as the perfect human
because we all have different concepts of "perfect"
we all like different aspects about humans.
that's why we fall for certain people
and don't know why.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Oct 2018
she breathed when the night rolled in, tried to capture the light one last time. held her breath till the morning when reality set in, extinguished her fear with the rising sun.

But I still worry. Is the worse yet to come?

is my life a curtain an inch open, I can't see what's coming but I see something.

Wait till your eyes dry to do this next step. Stand in the middle of nowhere it's the greatest feeling yet.

be so thrilled you don't know what you're doing,
it works,
I've tried
Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2014
And you started trailing
leaving me behind

and I am known for failing
so I knew the cue to cry

my dad taught me to never go half way
well I tried to love you fully

but the thing about loving fully
is that sometimes if things are tough

you get washed up

buried alive in the debris of love

“If you ever need to sit by a fire, I’ll be the warmth flying about.”

@Copyright Kaitlyn marie
Kaitlyn Marie Sep 2014
You set me on fire

The consequence?

Your every last desire

It was a hope

But hopes aren't real

As real as your

Fairytale dreams

And to me

I knew it was never meant to be

Because something great

Is better to be desired
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jul 2014
my ***** little secret
is that some nights
i get so into my dreams
that i actually believe
we were meant to be

then i remember
you've had a friend before
and maybe i'll just be thrown
out the door

cause i can't keep conversation
better less a four week relation
but it's my stupid willpower
makes me come back for more
my stupid tumblr inspiration board

it's me
it's me believing in happiness
and you are the center of
why i keep smilin

i have so many feelings for
i wanna tell them all to you
but i am fearful
that the truth may be rude
so i'll keep dreamin
and pretending it's true
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Dec 2014



@Copyright Kaitlyn marie
Kaitlyn Marie May 2014
Glowing from the refreshing crystal blue water
an angelic presence
along side
an artistic landscape
with an abundance of animals
roaming freely
everything appeared unblemished
my mother finished reading
I asked
is there such a thing as happy endings?
my mother replied
if you work with what you have
and are satisfied in the end
that’s all that truly matters
I took her words to heart
because I’ve never had a true answer
happy endings seemed to only be in fairytales
over the years,
I’ve also picked up on something else
in every fairytale
there are common factors
you aren’t just handed anything
you have to fight
overlook the irascible people
and do what’t best for you.

this was the most  important lesson I’ve ever learned.

Happy endings don’t only exist in fairytales.

**they exist everywhere.
@Copyrigh Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie May 2014
you may not understand me
though that's fine
because at times
I don't understand myself

*I don't understand what I could have seen in you.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Jun 2014
an empty room
is what it feels like
the part of you
which isn't supposed to be in this mental recess
you are elsewhere

but supposed to be happy
feel so much emotion
you should be thinking about your current standing
not about premonitions
you are elsewhere

though you want the bell to ring
you make no effort to forget him
you are elsewhere

and it feels right.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
you'd think in life
we'd be able to do anything
and not let emotions get in the way
crying every night
watching the latest soap operas
and you think you might die
for that upcoming test
you try to study
but your brain feels like a huge mess
a shark in the water
biting at your feet
hearing this
you may not be able to sleep
you get so mad
you may blow up
and bite off somebodies head
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Apr 2014
a windy road that doesn't end
a curvature in my spine that can bend
a hum that creates a song
a lake in which the water flows on

My love for you is endless
*endlessly endless without end
(WHINE-DEE) not wind-ee
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Mar 2014
Explain your mind
The thoughts that sink you
Into an ocean of depression

Explain your legs
That are powerless
Staying in one place

Explain your arms
Weakness that they carry
Seemingly pointless

Explain your smile
Explain it
Explain it now

How are you still looking up?

What I want you to do
Explain yourself.
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Aug 2014 favorite poem
is that hard to believe?
it is to me
when every poem I write
develops like a newly planted tree
the seed
precious and ever so kind
I plant it into the cold thick ground
but you see dirt
just embraces the fact that every beautiful start
has to start with a little bit of crap
and so we wait
for this noun to grow
everyday elements expose
who it is
the sun signifying his eyes
the rain washing away as it lies
and washing away his lies
once the elements combine
you create one heck of a dime
a flower whose every bit
would never be diminished
and a flower who has been giving the power
to thrive

you are better than the best poem I've written
you make my heart beat faster than time
I am lemon, you are my lime<3
@Copyright Kaitlyn Marie
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 2018
Only one heart beat, some have two
Conjoined love
some people get good morning kisses
others just wake up to the sound of dump trucks
and neighbors kids screaming

I want to be kissed softly again
to know it wasn't just in my head
that people want to be close
people want to be close enough to kiss me

I don't want anything else right now
I'm missing a type of love
one you can only get by a certain type of someone
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