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Melting ice, melting fire
though it seems absurd
running weaker fairest bear
and that little bird
All around: stones and grashops
where there should be ice
seemingly a sight to see
“come has paradise!”

“No” exhales the fairest bear
thinner than before
little bird chews on his feathers
there beneath the shore
nothing to do
no one to love
no time to beg to differ
tears are what I have and love
they coexist with music
and ever crumbling dreams
I pulled your ear when you sneezed
your hair when you tossed
your toes when you laughed

and your insides as you cried.
trust it
Guðrið Jul 8
My experience.
Guðrið Jul 6
I live at a hotel
where the walls are decorated with screams
One happy, one sad
and one inbetween
Wrote these lines sometime last year. I cannot for the life of me remember why...
Guðrið Jul 1

and melodious sadness
Guðrið May 12
Gently she let out a sigh
singing that old lullabye
sweet remembrances

Yours is the purest of Loves in the world
you and me
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