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G Aug 2
those blue, blue eyes
the way you touch me
the way you feel me
and I feel felt as well
I love you
and your mind
yes even the ***** which possesses your mind
your brain
your hope
your voice
I love the way you speak
yes, the tone of it
the way you read
the book of life
and the fact that you read it
My Darling
there are too many reasons and feelings
that can’t be mentioned
and reduced to words and sentences
I love you more than anything
G Apr 2
Life is too interesting
I can’t go to sleep
I’ll savour a coffee
in spite of the hour
sip it
slurp it
- sing -
and then read
G Feb 22
Such a faith
in humanities
and God to whom creation’s owed
Slay the words the wisest man has spoken
and myself for speaking out of turn
G Jan 28
My thought cannot be confined
to a selection of rhymes
and lines
can it?
G Jan 12
With sweaty palms
Placed firmly down
I told you that I loved you

Zero words
Only gestures
I'll always be alone

With lively chats
Inside myself
I told you that I meant it

Merely sounds
Only gestures
I'll always be alone

I meant the things I did not say
just wanted you to know it
G Nov 2019
On rows and rows they hang they hang.
Skin stretched thin on their necks.
A tranquil gasp for one last breath.
The wall a collective shadow of silhouettes. Oxymoron. Escaping death whilst escping life. Completely innocent, unaware, yes painfully clear.
G Nov 2019
hums and haws
"totally get it!"

basic blurbs
clothed in Schadenfreude
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