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G Sep 2021
Writing to me is harsh and senseless
Whenever in light of day
I pick up the words
And scorch the paper

Writing to me is painful
It wanders within me
As an idealistic thought
Something I wish
To master

Writing is sweet and chilly
As a crisp december evening
By the trees
A hot drink melting snow where it sits
Beside me

Writing is in my mind
At all times
I believe
Even if it does not make itself known
in actual lettering
I don’t like what I write at the moment. But they say you have to write the bad stuff to get to the good; so here we are...
G Mar 2021
My dear
song and eyes and words
that make my veins implode
into utter lush- and sweetness

my hymn to you is excessive - about to explode
I love you
G Oct 2020
Is it okay to dwell in dreams
while the world is going under?
Adored are the rationalists
driving us forward
curing and tending
My dreams are community-healers
my mind tells me -
whilst I sleep
G Sep 2020
A cloud covers the light
Yet another and another
Dark blue turns baby pink

A bird is flying through it
I wonder what he finds there
Love or hate
All that is between
and here
G Aug 2020
those blue, blue eyes
the way you touch me
the way you feel me
and I feel felt as well
I love you
and your mind
yes even the ***** which possesses your mind
your brain
your hope
your voice
I love the way you speak
yes, the tone of it
the way you read
the book of life
and the fact that you read it
My Darling
there are too many reasons and feelings
that can’t be mentioned
and reduced to words and sentences
I love you more than anything
G Apr 2020
Life is too interesting
I can’t go to sleep
I’ll savour a coffee
in spite of the hour
sip it
slurp it
- sing -
and then read
G Feb 2020
Such a faith
in humanities
and God to whom creation’s owed
Slay the words the wisest man has spoken
and myself for speaking out of turn
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