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Just Anna Oct 2013
Like a matchstick
Under pressure and friction
I light up

Heat surges through
my body
and then after glowing for awhile
it is extinguished

Just Anna Sep 2013
Because I can't stop
Just Anna Sep 2013
Because I keep going
Just Anna Sep 2013
I've found a different method now
Because you've taught me
what I learnt as a child
Because words are too loud
So we turn to voice

Maybe I should turn to keys
Black and white keys
I play soft slow songs
Pedal pressing down

Maybe I should turn to art
each sketch releasing pressure
art reveals too much
and creates too much

No writing
Because that's the whole point
Words are too permanent
Words are too impactful
Words are creatures of immense power

Physical pain on the other hand
is too much pain
and keeping silent is just not

But no matter what
I must never turn to my mind
Imagination stopped being useful
About 2 years ago

My mind is too repetitive
Pictures repeat too much
Words flash too much
My mind adds salt
My mind adds fire
My mind adds ****.
Just Anna Sep 2013
I have to admit.
I'm pretty sore

3 weeks of fixation
on writing this piece

Another 3 weeks
of anticipation

How about another 3 weeks
of heartbreak

Things always come in threes
Just Anna Sep 2013
Awkward rhyming
forced and cliche
question marks dotting the page
squiggly lines everywhere

I guess this is what I get
for writing poetry
to be judged

The worst part is
I agree.
Just Anna Sep 2013
I drove myself to this state
This state of weakness
My body couldn't take it no more
It betrayed me
Left me burning through the day

All the emotional stress
created friction with my brain
decided maybe, if what you see with your eyes
pains you so much

*why don't we burn it?
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