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John Stevens
Idaho moved toTexas    Retired IT Specialist who writes to maintain sanity. Raising two grandchildren and 1 who are a delight of my life. I began writing in the ...
SG Holter
Fenstad, Norway.    Norwegian. Construction worker at daytime. Poet, musician and artist at night. All poems are the original works and property of © S.G. Holter, unless otherwise ...
Andrew Durst
Tarentum, PA.    I am 23. Instagram: @andrewdurst
A C Leuavacant
Paris, France    "All which is beautiful and noble is the result of reason and calculation." -Charles Baudelaire.
Beth Taylor
i never paid much attention to abandoned buildings until i became one
I hold with those who favor fire
Ohio    I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to write poetry that grows sunflowers in hearts like what grew in mine when I ...
Mary Campell Spencer
United States    you're vivid.
michael capozzi
cities that never sleep    let's make an adventure out of this conversation; let's travel. come on, get lost in me @michael_capozzi for a look inside my mind
24/seaside soul    I write to express, not to impress. All works rightfully belong to me unless stated.
Gaby Comprés
22/F/Dominican Republic    my heart beats in poetry.
Gigi Tiji
26/F/England    Sunshine spills from her lips, every time she smiles
England    Cover photo taken in Cambridge.
Angel torruella
Pa    Writing is as essential as air to me. I'm a typical libra. Proud dad, I love my boy
dominica    just me
Katie Nicole
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. ~William Shakespeare
Cali    -"If you are going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill
San Antonio Texas    My poetry is like the wind, it changes directions constantly. I have learned so very much over the past several years which has broadened my ...
Seán Mac Falls
Éire    aka “Ormond” is an Irish Poet, widely published in numerous magazines anthologies and journals. He has also written several plays and is a guitarist, singer ...
Kitty Lam
Vietnam    We're all chosen to live in this world for a reason. Life is short . So live well. :)
Canada    A lost poetaster
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