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 Apr 2013 Jordan
Kristo Frost
a large room,

no, a really,


large room,

with a typewriter

in the center


the words

free yourself

are already spoken,

and underlined,

in the center

of the page


there is no blinking cursor,

no glowing white field


an iron sight

holds the paper down

so you can

torture or nurture

or shun or ****** it

with both

precision and accuracy


careful though,

you can drift

beyond the walls of your


big room

in the length of a page
 Apr 2013 Jordan
Gary Muir
your lips touch mine, a simple revelation
that begins a revolution
walls crumble
guards stumble
as you fumble for the key
you open me and see
that I am no longer who I used to be

you found the door
that leads straight to my core
and because of you I can love like never before

so now that I’ve moved on from all that has been
I plead to you, baby, kiss me again

— The End —